Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday December 19th 2018


You Are So Pensacola If…

What Makes Us So Special
by IN staff

The Best of The Coast honors what makes Pensacola special and unique. Unfortunately not all aspects of uniqueness are worthy of awards. What is extraordinary and exceptional to one may be peculiar or anomalous to another.

In the early days of the IN, we asked readers to complete the sentence “You are so Pensacola if…” with what they believed made Pensacola unique. The answers ranged from historical facts to eccentric behavior and truly captured the nature of this place we call “home.”

We’ve taken some of the best of those past issues, updated them and added a few new ones. If you come up with your own completion of the sentence, email it to and we will post it on our website,

…your driving directions include either “Turn at the Tom Thumb” or “Two houses down from the couch on the curb.”

…you buy a car and ask for the “Cat Country bumper sticker and Mardi Gras beads” special package.

…your daddy’s ex-girlfriend’s nephew’s second wife is your mother-in-law.

…you know all the words to Vince Whibbs’ famous “Western Gate to the Sunshine State” speech.

…you voted for Mike Wiggins the first time.

…you partied at The Barrels and Machine Gun Kelly’s.

…you know the plural of “y’all” is “All y’all.”

…you ate at Skopelo’s when it was at Cervantes and M streets.

…you know how to pronounce “Texar.”

…you have retired from your city or county job and got rehired for the same position.

…you still tip 10 percent.

…you only go to Pensacola Beach when entertaining out-of-town guests.

…you know locals drink beer for $2 at Cavu Bar in Crowne Plaza.

…you don’t have to ask for directions on how to get to Chumuckla.

…you have an orange barrel in your garage and can’t remember how it got there.

…you have to pull in when you see Krispy Kreme’s “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign.

…you told someone that Fred Levin is your attorney.

…you can walk down Palafox Street and still have all your change.

…you have worn shorts to church.

…you think Pensacola has four seasons: almost summer, summer, still summer and Christmas.

…you found out your boyfriend was cheating by looking on Facebook.

…your glasses are from local bars.

…you still call Pensacola State College “PJC.”

…your big break career-wise finally came when you got elected.

…you saved your BP claim check to go to the Fair.

…you miss Luke McCoy.

…you have no idea what a turn signal is or how to properly use it.

…you will eat anything fried, including Oreos.

…you believe fluoridation, maritime park, consolidation and baggy pants are all conspiracies.

…you know that the 12th Avenue canopy of trees was originally the entrance to the Baars property.

…you’re nice to everyone, even if they are going to hell.

…your butt makes more calls on your cell phone than you do.

…at least one of your relatives has been on BLAB’s “Blue Lights” and has a DVD copy of it to show his friends.

…you know “The Blog” is Rick’s blog.
…you have a tattoo of a butterfly or flower somewhere below your belly button.

…you find out the waitress you’re hitting on went to high school with your daughter.

…you complain about the local officials, but keep electing the same people.

…you still wear your high school letter jacket and you’re over 30.

…you know that the Sandshaker Lounge was originally the motel bar for the Tiki.

…you’re wondering when Marie Young is up for re-election.

…your divorce settlement includes your Pensacola Beach bridge pass.

…you lost your job to your boss’s son or daughter.

…you spent your weekends at Kevin’s En La Playa on the beach.

…you read the clues to Deluna in hopes that it’s you.

…you didn’t vote for the candidate whose sign is in your yard.

…you bedazzle your own T-shirts.

…you ask the waitress at Hopjacks for a real glass for your PBR.

…you were once kicked out of Big Daddy’s for wearing blue jeans.

…you have drunk beer poured by Jimmy at the Elbow Room.

…your face is in at least three photo galleries on

…you judge a restaurant by its fries.

…you have worn flip-flops to a wedding.

…you laugh when someone says, “Pensacola has potential.”

…you know what P.C. Wu’s first name is.

…you’ve painted the 17th Avenue trestle.

…you know which restroom to walk into at McGuire’s.

…you understood what “humdinger” meant.

…you can name 10 rides at the Pensacola Interstate Fair.

…your favorite Icee flavor is Bushwacker.