Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday October 17th 2018


Ears & Fingers 7/9/15

By Jason Leger

Veruca Salt “Ghost Notes”
It can be quite difficult to maintain any semblance of relevance across a span of 17 years. In the time that has passed since 1997’s “Eight Arms to Hold You,” Veruca Salt’s original line up took plenty of time off, did some of their own things, assumedly did quite a bit of growing up, and just in time for a grunge girl revival (a la Bully, Hop Along or Joanna Gruesome), Nina Gordon and Louise Post set aside their differences and dusted off their amps to make another album. For “Ghost Notes,” the band’s fifth album and third with the original duo of Gordon and Post, the elements are all there: the loud, distorted guitars, the perfectly glossy harmonies of Gordon and Post playing off of each other, and the thunderous, precise rhythm section. However, there is very much a newfound (at least new to us) sense of certainty and freewheeling. Not to say that Veruca Salt were necessarily an unhappy, brooding band in the past, but the butterfly that has emerged after an extended gestation period is bright, fun loving and light hearted, but serious about making a strobing rock album. While it may not be full of high points, “Ghost Notes” gives the boost of nostalgia we would pick up a Veruca Salt album from while keeping things fresh and moving forward. “Ghost Notes” is out July 10 via El Camino Records.

Retrospect: Sufjan Stevens “Illinois”
Independence Day marked 10 years since Sufjan Stevens released his landmark second album in his presumably now defunct 50 States Project, “Illinois.” What a perfect day to celebrate the release of the album that gave us somber lyrics like, “The sound of the engines and the smell of the grain, we go riding on the abolition grain train. Stephen A. Douglas was a great debater, but Abraham Lincoln was the great emancipator.” The album also taught us how to self-identify with a serial killer. It was really unprecedented. “Illinois” has been out for 10 years via Asthmatic Kitty Records and Secretly Canadian Records.