Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday December 19th 2018


BOC ’10: Community

Winner: Best Radio Station
Top 3 Finish: Best Radio DJ-Dana Cervantes, Brent Lane

This country station has won this category for four consecutive years, thanks, in part, to its tremendous outreach in the community. Cat Country’s yellow tent and street marketing team are fixtures at every event.

Winner: Best Vocalist, Best Regular Gig

Crutchfield plays a wide range from Dave Matthews, James Morrison and Jeff Buckley to Pearl Jam and Scissor Sisters. You can hear him Sunday afternoons and Tuesday–Saturday nights on The Fish House Deck.

Winner: Best Rising Leader

Hayward is a part of the new generation of community leaders. He got involved in politics helping his friend, Larry B. Johnson, Jr., defeat incumbent City Councilman Marty Donovan. Last year, he campaigned hard for the new city charter. Now Hayward is battling long-time Pensacola politician Mike Wiggins to become the city’s first strong mayor.

Winner: Best Local Artist
Top 3 Finish: Best Art Gallery-Gallery 11

Levin admits that it is difficult to define in what category his art falls. In an interview with the IN, he settled on “Pop-Surrealism/Lowbrow” art. His eclectic mix of bright colors and strange faces has captivated our readers.

Winner: Best Local Person to Have on Your Side

For decades, the people of Pensacola have had Fred Levin on their side. This Pensacola native is one of the most successful attorneys in the country. When the IN picked its first “Power List” in 2007, Levin was placed at the top of the list. It is comforting to know that he still cares so much about this area.

Winner: Best Community Leader

There is considerable excitement about Collier Merrill being the new chairman of the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. His energy and unselfish devotion to the city, its university and a host of charities has helped him win a broad base of support. Merrill is a worthy successor to M.J. Menge, Vince Whibbs, Sr. and Adm. Jack Fetterman. He will set this area on a new course.

Winner: Best Attorney

During the BP oil crisis, no one spent more time on national television defending this community and pointing out the misstatements and missteps by the oil giant than Mike Papantonio. He is the premier mass torts attorney in the country and has had a lead role in some of the biggest environmental cases in the past decade.
Papantonio also founded the Emerald Coastkeepers.

Winner: Best Local Politician

No one grew more in his first term in office than Grover Robinson. As the chairman of the Escambia County Commission, he worked long hours to help protect our shores from the BP oil disaster. Whether he was talking to President Obama, Gov. Charlie Crist or one of the “BP Barbies,” Robinson made sure our citizens and businesses were not overlooked.

Saenger Theatre
Winner: Best Concert or Live Show in 2010 (Bryan Adams)
Top 3 Finish: Best Music Venue

The Saenger Theatre truly is the Grand Dame of Palafox Street. The Spanish Baroque/Rococo-style theater, which first opened in 1925, looks better than ever after a $15 million renovation and expansion that was completed earlier this year. Today, the Saenger is one of the premier performance spaces on the Gulf Coast. Check out a complete calendar of upcoming events at