Pensacola, Florida
Friday June 22nd 2018


Film: Paranormal Activity 2

Fans of Paranormal Activity rejoice! Paranormal Activity 2 isn’t just another poorly done horror film sequel, but does it’s predecessor justice.

“What would have been great is a decent sequel that had enough of the original and a little bit of something fresh to work. Thankfully, we got much better than that. This is one of the best horror sequels I’ve seen. It is funny, creepy and downright thrilling, and the way it works with the original is outstanding.” -Jimmy O.,

“Fret not; Paranormal Activity 2 is completely true to its roots, establishing itself as a competent, cohesive and coherent addition to the franchise that not only lives up to the hype, but also builds upon the original’s mythology.”  -Brad Miska,

“Nothing good can happen in a house where both the family dog and toddler are constantly placed in the way of harm and menace. Because of that universal fear of innocence being victimized by something evil, audiences will find their minds inadvertently tripping into a darker place of suspense.” -Jorge Carreon,

Paranormal Activity 2 opens Friday, Oct. 22. Check out movie times here.