Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday August 14th 2018


Black Friday & Beyond—Local Style

A Musical Side of Black Friday
By Jennifer Leigh

There’s a good reason to wake up from your turkey coma after Thanksgiving, and it’s Record Store Day.

While people line up outside the mass retailers for TVs and video game systems, participating independent record stores will be carrying limited-edition vinyl; causing an entirely different demographic of people to line up and nerd out.

The Black Friday edition of Record Story Day (RSD) is not as big in scale to the actual Record Story Day (which is always in April), but it still carries out the mission of promoting small, independently-owned record shops.

“It helps get the word out that mp3s, downloading and Pandora aren’t all that,” said Eric Jones, owner of Revolver Records.

The Black Friday RSD list isn’t as long as “the big one” in April, but it still has a good mix for every musical taste and even the festive “Christmas Cheer” by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

“There really aren’t a whole lot of stinkers here, with perhaps the exception of Phil Collins ‘In the Air Tonight,’” Jones said. “Now that was a waste of cardboard and electricity. [Kidding, it's Philvember, the month music fans make fun of schlocky Englishmen.]”

Even stores that aren’t officially participating in RSD are still excited for vinyl-loving shoppers. Remember Wynn Records won’t have new releases, but will have “lots” of $1 records for sale, according to their Facebook page.

When it comes to shopping local, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

“(There’s) better service, less crowds and a plethora of unique yet ‘must have’ gifts you won’t find at Target,” Jones said.

You may not find any holiday-specific deals inside Revolver Records. Instead, Jones said he provides good prices all year round.

“I work hard to keep my everyday prices on all my new releases ridiculously competitive with even the cheapest online retailers,” he said.

WHEN:  Friday, Nov. 27
WHERE: Participating stores, like Revolver Records (9 E. Gregory St.)
DETAILS: for the full list of releases; for hours and information about Revolver Records


Bookin’ It
By Jennifer Leigh

While storing all of your comics on an iPad seems handy, there’s no substitute for walking into your neighborhood comic shop and grabbing the latest issue of your favorite title.

“Every town needs a good comic shop,” said Harley Orr, owner of Pensacola Pop Comics. “Comics are just a different way to tell a story, and a good shop provides an outlet for people seeking unique storytelling.”

While music fans have Record Store Day, comic fans now have Local Comic Shop Day. More than 300 stores around the country are participating in the inaugural event on Nov. 28—including Pensacola Pop Comics—and 21 limited-edition comics are being released, including “Jughead,” “The Shield,” “Back to the Future” and more.

A longtime comic book fan, Orr opened up his store a year and a half ago to create an inviting space for all kinds of readers.

“I definitely believe there are comics for everyone,” he said. “I’m always happy to recommend books I’ve read and enjoyed, and likewise I’ll warn them if they ask about a stinker.”

For the comic neophyte, Pensacola Pop Comics has a rental library with a few hundred books that can be borrowed or sampled.

“So often now, people are afraid to start on a comic if it’s not the first issue,” he said. “That’s not always the case, though. It’s not like you have to watch 20 years’ worth of ‘Law & Order’ before you watch the latest episode.”

Local artist and avid comic book fan Michael Daw will be joining Orr for Local Comic Shop Day doing a book signing of “A Very Krampus Christmas,” an illustrated story book for adults. The book tells the origin story of Krampus in a modern setting, Daw said.

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