Pensacola, Florida
Sunday October 21st 2018


Winners & Losers 11.11


LUTIMOTHY MAY This quiet, soft-spoken pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and his fellow ministers were the game-changers in the Pensacola mayoral race. His leadership, organizational ability and his ability to build consensus among the younger leaders of his community delivered the mayor’s seat to Ashton Hayward, despite being attacked by the African-American leadership in the Wiggins camp. It didn’t hurt that he knew the names of three-fourths of the people who voted in the precincts in his district. Malcolm Thomas better be paying attention.

SHERRI MYERS Bless her heart. She will be the most refreshing member added to the Pensacola City Council in its history. Smart, courageous and a persistent, passionate advocate for the disabled, Myers is an original. We look forward to her tenure on the Council. The others better get ready.

PENSACOLA POLICE & FIRE These unions came out strong for Ashton Hayward in hopes that the doors of City Hall would finally be opened. Even Mike Wiggins talked about the attitude among city staff and the need for better customer service; the police and fire unions felt Hayward could make the difference.

DEREK COSSON The founder of the Progressive Pensacola blog is passionate about Pensacola. He went out on a limb early and supported Ashton Hayward in the mayor’s race. Cosson dealt with the crazies that pop up in any tight political race.


JOHN JERRALDS There is a long line of African-American politicians lining up to run for Commissioner Marie Young’s seat in 2012. They wanted to use the mayor’s race as a catalyst to show their power and influence. It didn’t work. People, not positions, win elections. Opposing Pensacola Promise, failing to fund the West Side plan and never getting the disparity study finished are just a few of the issues Jerralds may need to deal with before 2012.

DOWNTOWN ROTARY A candidate, Ashton Hayward, won the Pensacola mayor’s race without speaking at a political forum of the oldest civic club in the city. Imagine that.

CHARLES BARE & DIANE MACK The two losers in the August primary jumped on the Mike Wiggins bandwagon and almost immediately began attacking Hayward. There was a reason why they placed fourth and third in the primary.

MARK O’BRIEN The PNJ columnist wanted Mike Wiggins to stay as the mayor. He didn’t pull any punches in going after Hayward who was challenging Wiggins and City Hall. His writing didn’t sway the election.

BARACK OBAMA The President ran hundreds of races on Tuesday and lost most of them. It seemed like every Republican candidate, including Rick Scott, ran against Obama, not their opponent. The Democrats couldn’t get the voters to separate their candidates from the White House, even when the office was Commissioner of Agriculture.