Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday April 25th 2018

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Film: Unstoppable

Unstoppable may seem all too familiar, being the second railway thriller from the partnership of director Tony Scott and star Denzel Washington in two years, but fortunately it looks to be a welcome upgrade over 2009′s The Taking of Pelham 123.

“With Scott shooting and cutting this minimalist thriller to an hour and 35 minutes of heavy metal flying at you and the cool, collected old timer, Frank (Denzel Washington) and his distracted trainee Will (Chris Pine of “Star Trek”) jumping from one car to another, dodging hazards at rail crossings, this race against the clock works. The director of the limp Pelham 123 remake takes a second shot at his railway movie, and this time gets it right.” – Roger Moore , Frankly My Dear…

“A gripping yarn about a half mile long runaway train headed for a residential elevated curve line, which is dangerous enough, parked right next to massive vats of oil.  Hmm. City planning aside, Unstoppable puts us on track to an exciting, lean, and mean adventure for which we pretty much know the outcome but will suspend to take the ride.” - Anne Brodie,

“While it’s great fun watching Washington jump from one train car to the next, or Pine hanging from a coupling by his toes, the real reason Unstoppable works so well is in the way it takes so many small details and builds something bigger out of it. I’m not just talking about the mechanics of train operation; it takes the same approach to its characters too.” - Josh Tyler,

Unstoppable opens this Friday, Nov. 12th. Check out movie times here.