Pensacola, Florida
Friday April 26th 2019


This Feels Terrible

By Shelby Smithey

Relationships, love and break-ups can be awkward enough on their own, but comic Erin McGathy takes it a step further on her podcast, “This Feels Terrible,” where she details her love life and even interviews a few ex-boyfriends.

MGathy started doing improv in San Diego and eventually became involved with the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) in Los Angeles, where her podcast originally got its start as a live show in 2010. She has also made appearances on NBC’s “Community” and Comedy Central’s “Drunk History.”

She’s on tour this month recording the podcast live in several cities, and will be bringing the show to Pensacola Friday. The show will be part storytelling, part interview, with extra bits in between including a surprise guest.

McGathy, who has been living in Ireland, spoke with Inweekly about starting up the podcast after a hiatus, her recent divorce from “Community” creator and producer Dan Harmon, and how excited she is to visit her ‘Mema’ while she’s in Pensacola. All proceeds from this show will go directly towards the Pulse Orlando Relief Fund.

INWEEKLY: How did your show start and how did it morph into a podcast from a live show?
MCGATHY: “This Feels Terrible,” started as a live show at the UCB Theatre after I went through a painful breakup and I heard myself saying “this feels terrible” out loud, several times over. The show started as a love-themed storytelling show and became a podcast when I mentioned at the end of a show that it was going to be a podcast without knowing how that’d happen. My now producer was in the audience, and the rest is history.

INWEEKLY: How did you get involved with UCB and how was the experience?
MCGATHY: I started doing long-form improv in San Diego and had heard about the UCB from a fellow improviser at the theatre where I worked. I saw a couple shows at their theatre in NYC before the LA UCB Theatre opened. In 2006 I moved to LA because I wanted to be involved at the UCB. I started doing random sketch shows at the theatre and in 2007, the artistic director saw me in an improv show at the ioWest called “COG” and put me on a UCB “Harold” (improv) team and from there I was also put on a “Maude” (sketch) team. I still do shows there from time to time and will be doing a show at the UCB New York at the end of the month. I love the UCB and owe them a lot.

INWEEKLY: Tell me about your background in comedy.
MCGATHY: I started doing improv in high school, and then I worked at an improv theatre during college, so my background is very much in improv. But nowadays I find myself doing more storytelling, standup and character sketches.

INWEEKLY: Your relationships are a big part of your podcasts. Is it therapeutic to talk about your relationships so openly and sort of get some comedic relief out of it?
MCGATHY: It’s definitely therapeutic to not hide any pain and to share what I’m going through because the lesson I learn over and over again is that we’re never alone in our “terrible” feelings and there is obviously comfort in that… and it’s an added bonus to be able to laugh at myself and my dumb heart after the storm has cleared.

INWEEKLY: This Feels Terrible went on a hiatus after your divorce. Was it hard to come back and talk about it afterwards? Were you glad to start the podcast up again?
MCGATHY: I was so happy to start the podcast up again. It wasn’t hard coming back, but it was challenging figuring out how to address the divorce. I didn’t want to make too light of it, but I also didn’t want it to be difficult for people to listen to. Part of me wanted to actually interview my ex-husband, but we definitely aren’t far enough past our breakup, so I interviewed my first boyfriend instead.

INWEEKLY: How did you end up in Ireland? Are you living there permanently?
MCGATHY: I visited Ireland for a month last year when I volunteered on a farm and fell in love with it and I feel very in-place there with Irish people. I am hoping to live there permanently, but a lot depends on Visas, etc. The dream is to live in Ireland while still coming back to LA for work occasionally.

INWEEKLY: I heard on your most recent podcast that you have family in North Florida. Are you looking forward to seeing them?
MCGATHY: I am! My ‘Mema’ and cousins live a few hours from Pensacola in Freeport and I’m very excited to see them. I lived in Orlando in elementary school and we visited Pensacola with my family, so I have very fond memories of Pensacola.

WHAT: Comedian Erin McGathy’s live relationship podcast
WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday, July 15
WHERE: Odaiba, 1401 W. Cervantes St., Suite B
COST: $10