Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday May 22nd 2019


Get Crunk

By Shelby Smithey

What is a Crunk Witch, you ask? If you’re thinking Lil Jon in a coven, you’re wrong.

Rather, Crunk Witch is an 8-bit electro-pop duo from Presque Isle, Maine, who will be in town to play a show at Sluggo’s Tuesday.

Wife and husband, Hannah Colleen and Brandon Miles, formed the band six years ago and write self-professed nerdy electro-pop about romance, adventure and rocket ships.

“We met on Myspace (cheesy, we know) and we’ve been nearly inseparable since,” Miles said. “We married in 2009 and thus began the surreal journey that has been Crunk Witch.”

To date, Crunk Witch has released three full-length albums. Their latest “Heartbeats in Hyperspace” was released in 2014. Miles and Colleen do all the writing together in their home studio, but when they play live, Miles sings and Colleen runs all the electronics.

“A lot of our relationship and life has inspired our music, which then influences our relationship, and so on,” Miles said. “Learning compromise, patience, and how to support each other creatively and emotionally is very important. It’s exciting. She inspires me to be a better person and I truly admire her big heart.”

Their music is a blend of pop, rock, chiptune, and various electronic genres and many of their lyrics are set in a science fiction reality. They spend nearly half a year on the road playing a variety of venues including comic cons, arcades, festivals, and bars, and are known for their laser light show during live performances.

“I always loved anything that took place in space,” Miles said. “Whether it was cartoons, video games, or movies, it didn’t matter so long as it was magical.”

Miles said that his interest in sci-fi and its deeper meanings are reflected in his writing.

“The thing that always impacted me about sci-fi was the reminder that no matter where we are in the universe, at some level, someone is dealing with similar problems as us,” Miles said. “While we’re pointing fingers and complaining, someone’s out there rising to the challenges in front of them. I’ve always found this motivating, and I’ve used it in my writing.”

Colleen said that beyond the sci-fi themes, they bring a dose of their real lives to the mix to give their music a personal flare.

“Add a slammin’ electronic beat, blend in a spaceship, some robots, and 8-bit synths and we’re good to go,” she said.

Miles said that he enjoys being on the road often and that it often keeps them both feeling connected.

“It’s the most present I’ve ever felt in my life,” Miles said. “I’m there, switched on, living. I feel like the other half of my life is all planning, plotting, and waiting for the next tour to arrive. While I like a balance of both, I love being on the road.”

Miles said that he and Colleen have been doing some songwriting and production for the past couple months, which is the first time they’ve written in two years since the last album wrapped up.

“We are hoping to unveil some new material in the fall sometime,” he said. “Other than that though, we’re always booking tours, and have about 10 weeks planned for the rest of the year.”

“Our goal is to go as hard as we can, leave it all on stage, and enjoy ourselves every single night,” Colleen said. “When I look out and see the crowd laugh, smile, and dance it makes all our hard work worth it. We just want to share our passion with the audience and hopefully inspire them to pursue theirs.”

Spending over 100 days on the road, Miles and Colleen have learned to appreciate the time with one another doing what they love.

“It’s all about the little moments, like when our set ends and the crowd is still cheering,” Miles said. “When we’re going to bed and finally get to take it all in. While the big stuff is always cool, like playing SXSW or big comic cons like MAGFest or PAX, it’s the little moments I will always remember. Hannah, me, and a van full of dreams.”

WHAT: Crunk Witch with Cookies & Cake and Johnny Panic
WHEN: 9 p.m. Tuesday, July 26
WHERE: Sluggo’s, 101 S. Jefferson St.
COST: $5