Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday July 23rd 2019


The Pet Issue—Reader Pet Pics

Every summer when we start planning The Pet Issue, we wonder, “will get enough new reader submissions?” And every year, we’re excited to find out the answer to that question is “yes.” The cuteness and diversity of our local pet community has no limit apparently.

From dogs on the beach to cats in boxes, this year’s batch of submissions did not disappoint and because of that we are once again publishing more photos than ever before—96 to be exact. Still, some didn’t make the cut, and we promise it wasn’t personal. It was just a photo quality issue (too small, too dark, too blurry). So if you sent a photo and don’t see it, please try again next year (with a better photo, of course).

Thank you to everyone who cared enough to email us a photo (or photos in most cases). They say pet lovers are the best type of people, and we love knowing that our readers prove that’s true, year after year.

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