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Tuesday September 17th 2019


The Pet Issue—Aligning Fido’s Chakras

By Shelby Smithey

Believe it or not, alternative healing techniques like Reiki aren’t just for people. Pets can benefit from the same therapies that humans do for a variety of behavior issues.

Originating in Tibet, Reiki is an ancient healing method based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient using touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Local Reiki practitioner Lee Corso received her level III Reiki Master attunement in February and recently began hosting Reiki sessions for pets at Ever’man.

“Like people, animals manifest disease as a way of handling emotions they cannot otherwise release,” Corso said. “They feel and experience the same emotions that humans do, but they do not have the same levels of understanding and control of their lives as humans do. Therefore, pets have increased frustration and fear.”

As Corso was going through her training, her coach pointed out how readily available Reiki practitioners are for humans, but practically nonexistent for animals.

“She coached me to direct my focus on them, thus providing them with a much needed healing modality,” Corso said. “And come to find out, by healing the animals, their humans, and their environments can get healed in the process.”

Corso said that pet Reiki sessions are very similar in application but different in how they are received.

“Most humans have forgotten about this innate blessing and so are often doubtful or reticent to give it any credence,” she said. “Animals, on the other hand, haven’t forgotten at all and are actually drawn to it if they are willing to accept the energy. They are very individual in their acceptance techniques; it really is very fascinating.”

A session entails either a hands-on method where Corso slides her hands along the animal’s body/chakras, spreading the energy or by placing her hands on top and under its head.

“If they are comfortable with that much of an intense connection, they will come and go, taking small doses, then turn away when they are satiated,” she said. “The amount of time and energy required is as individual as the animal is, but typically not taking more than 15-20 minutes.”

Corso said that she also practices distance healing where she visualizes the transfer of energy and sends it to the animal if it’s too large, sick, far away or scared to travel.

“Reiki is universal love energy and as such, regardless of the target, the recipient will and can receive whatever level of healing that is needed, be it spiritual, emotional, mental or physical,” she said. “What that is exactly is none of my business since I’m just here to help facilitate it, not control or direct anything.”

Corso said that behaviors like separation anxiety and aggression develop from underlying emotional issues with which Reiki can help.

“Animals have free will and can’t be forced to accept anything they don’t choose to,” she said. “Sometimes multiple sessions are needed when the originating hurt is very ingrained or deeply suppressed.”

Through her Reiki training, Corso also learned that owners can affect their pets and their emotions.

“That was a shocker and a concern for me to learn during my training,” Corso said. “Of course, our companions are not who we want to take on any of our human angst. They come to us specifically, with soul intended direction, intending to help us with our myriad of life experiences. Absorbing the negative emotions from their humans and their environments is one of those aids.”

Corso said that pets take it upon themselves the job of clearing their people and homes of disturbing energy.

“If the family is in crisis, the animal picks it up and may not be strong enough to transform it,” she said. “Reiki is as helpful for animals’ emotional pain as for humans, releasing it so disease can heal.”

If not, Corso said, animals can become very ill if they are unable to process the “gunk” out of their systems.

“Reiki can help, and that’s why I’m pointing my focus primarily in their direction,” she said. “Humans can seek out this help for themselves, but animals can’t, and they deserve it just as much.”

WHAT: Reiki for Pets on the lawn with Lee Corso
WHEN: 5-6 p.m., Wednesdays (weather permitting)
WHERE: Ever’man Educational Center, 327 W. Garden St
COST: Free

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