Pensacola, Florida
Monday September 16th 2019


Saturday Night’s All Right For Bitin’

by Jim McGruder…
Blessed Be The Children Of The Night

If you have had access to a television over the past three years, you might have noticed an ever-growing trend in entertainment: vampires. Among films within “The Twilight Saga” and the abundance of bloodsucking TV shows such as “True Blood,” “The Gates,” and “The Vampire Diaries,” it almost seems as if it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if we found out that vampires actually do exist.

Although these examples of vampirism are only the cookie-cutter versions, it’s hard to deny the impact that these creatures of the night have had on society. There are those who look at things of this nature strictly as entertainment, but there are some who truly embrace vampire culture.

The gothic underground has long exuded vampirism as a form of self-expression and deep spiritual awakening. It isn’t just a bunch of pasty tweens wishing that they had vamps and werewolves fighting for their undying love; it’s an actual culture and way of life for some people. Granted, the folks that claim to be a part of the vampire culture aren’t going to brandish fangs and try to bite your neck. They just want to lead their lives and enjoy themselves, just as you and I do.

With that in mind, the Big Easy Tavern has enlisted the help of a few of their friends to create a party to celebrate the children of the night. Bloody Sabbath is a celebration of the vampire and goth culture, open to all, that will feature the best in goth industrial music, spooky drink specials and some cool giveaways.

Lemmie Crews, the man behind industrial stage artist User Assumes Risk, will be the DJ for the evening. “I was very excited about this when Bubbs, the promoter from Big Easy, called me and asked if I would be interested in doing this,” says Crews. “I have always been into the goth scene, and know a lot of other people who have been looking for something like this to happen.”

Although the general consensus is that vampire freaks and goth enthusiasts don’t normally get along that well, this party is not a way to simply cash in on what’s hot right now, nor is it a way to make fun of those who take it seriously. It’s just meant to be a good time.

“Goths tend to take their lifestyles very seriously,” Crews adds. “However, they are looking to have a good time, just like everybody else. Vampirism has always been an underlying force in the goth culture, and I think that this party is something that will open up the doors for more events like this. I think it would be a little cheesy, and maybe a little offensive to those who really understand the scene, if it was overtly Halloween-y, but that’s not what this is about.”

Sure, vampires had a big influence on this event, but it really is not meant to be a corny Halloween party. “When I came up with the idea with K.K. at the Big Easy, I was trying to come up with good promotions for the bar that would appeal to every kind of person,” says Bubbs Harris. “We have done punk, hip-hop, metal, and almost every other kind of show possible, but we have never done anything for the goth scene.

“We got to talking about themed parties and how vampires are really big right now, so we started thinking of ways to incorporate that into some cool parties. Knowing that Lemmie was the man in that area, I called him up and asked him to help me out with planning a cool party that would interest not only those who got swept up in vampire mania, but also to those who were into the hardcore goth scene. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The blueprint reads like this: beginning at 8 p.m., Big Easy Tavern will be offering several drink specials that tie into the vampire craze. Patrons who buy a drink from the list of specials will receive a ticket. Throughout the evening, ticketholders will be chosen at random to win great freebies such as old horror movies and CDs.

Crews has compiled some of the best tracks in goth industrial music to serve as the soundtrack to the festivities. Local filmmaker John R. Hand has also put together some interesting visual spectacles, which will be projected onto a screen to add to the ambiance of the party. There will also be prizes awarded to the best dressed and most unique patrons. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to feed your curiosity. We promise, nobody will try to feed on you.

WHEN: 8 p.m.-3 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 21
WHERE: Big Easy Tavern, 710 N. Palafox St. (under the Days Inn)
COST: Free