Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 25th 2019


Hillary Clinton For President

The case for Hillary Clinton isn’t a simple one. But it is a strong one.

Her qualifications, experience, and intellect speak for themselves—especially in comparison to her opponent. In fact, they set her apart from just about anyone who’s ever sought out the highest office in the land.

Our support of her, however, is based more on who she’s been fighting for all these years, not just the fact that she’s been at it for decades.

A steadfast commitment to children, families, and women has been at the core of essentially everything she’s done—from her time fresh out of law school at the Children’s Defense Fund, to establishing the Children’s Health Insurance Fund as First Lady (which still insures 8 million plus), to her work with the 9/11 first responders as a Senator, to standing up for gun reform alongside mothers who lost their children to gun violence as a candidate this past year.

Time and time again, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated a heartfelt belief that children deserve opportunities and access to the best America has to offer, no matter what zip code they are born in or who their parents are. We believe this too. We also believe that women’s rights are human rights, as she famously declared in 1995. And that equal pay for equal work isn’t a feminist ideal, but just a basic rule we should all be on board with.

This record of service should be the focus of her campaign and the general narrative surrounding her. But it’s not. Everything she’s done, especially recently, is clouded by a lack of transparency that has become a negative she just can’t seem to shake.

Our belief is that all of the controversies birthed out of this over-arching transparency issue—the private e-mail server, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation—are disheartening, but not disqualifying. It’s our hope that if elected she will have learned from her mistakes and will make transparency a top priority in her administration. We, as members of the media and engaged citizens, promise to do our part to hold her accountable for it too.

But just so we’re clear—acknowledging that Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect is in no way giving into the grim conclusion some have drawn that this election is about deciding between the “lesser of two evils.”

The differences between Hillary Clinton and her opponent are dramatic and vast. One has demonstrated empathy and a commitment to public service at every turn in her adult life. The other has never done anything to make us think he cares about anyone beyond himself. One believes in the strength of our diversity, and the other has repeatedly seized on opportunities to divide us based on race, religion, and gender throughout his campaign. One believes in progress and continuing the march towards perfecting our union. The other wants to “Make America Great Again” by turning back the clock and taking away rights that so many fought for. This is not something we can afford to let happen, not in this election or ever.

There is a clear and right choice to be made in this race, and we hope you see it. That choice is Hillary Clinton.