Pensacola, Florida
Sunday August 19th 2018


The Buzz: 08.19.10

New Fishing Bridge? Mike Williams, co-host of the Blab TV program “Catchin’ Fish,” tells IN he is starting a campaign to create a new fishing bridge in Pensacola Bay — one that already exists.

“I’m going before the Gulf Breeze and Pensacola city councils to present a plan to use the (current Three-Mile Bay Bridge) as a fishing bridge.”

Williams says that instead of FDOT closing the bridge to traffic by the end of the decade, which officials have recently said will have to be done due to faults in its infrastructure, it should be turned into a much longer and wider fishing pier than what was opened earlier this year.

In 2007, Santa Rosa County opted out of using FEMA hurricane money to rebuild the fishing bridge torn down by Hurricane Ivan. Escambia County decided to use the funds for other projects and used county funds to build a 2,500-foot pier that opened in March.

“It would be a waste to knock that bridge down. Before (Hurricane) Ivan, we used the old Bay Bridge and FEMA gave money to both cities to rebuild it for fishing. In Pensacola we only have a quarter of what we had. Gulf Breeze didn’t replace anything. That’s a lot of fishing area they never replaced.”

Williams pitched the idea on his show last week to viewers and says he will continue to seek community support.

City Attorney Blasted During Pensacola City Council’s committee of the whole meeting on Aug. 16, Councilmember Maren DeWeese made a motion to terminate City Attorney Rusty Wells after disclosing disparaging e-mails that Wells had sent to another City employee during a council meeting earlier this year.

DeWeese called the e-mails “heartbreaking” and “intolerable” and told her fellow councilmembers that she would no longer sit at the table with Wells.

The e-mails were sent during a committee of the whole meeting on April 19 and were between Sherry Morris, the AICP Planning Services Administrator, and Wells. The emails describe their disgust over the length of the meeting — even using profanity and making references to drinking on the job and watching pornography.

Councilman Larry B. Johnson seconded DeWeese’s motion for removal, but Mayor Mike Wiggins created an alternative motion that would allow him to review the e-mails before making any judgment.

“I refuse to dismiss my attorney after seeing (the printed e-mails) for two minutes,” he said. “I certainly should have the respectto review this.”

Councilmember Diane Mack called DeWeese’s motion “an overreaction” and said the correspondence was private and should not reflect his character.

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