Pensacola, Florida
Monday October 15th 2018


Spring Eats: The #GirlBoss Edition

By Shelby Smithey, Stephanie Sharp and Joani Delezen

Despite dated stereotypes of housewives in aprons, cooking on a professional level is still kind of boys club in a lot of ways. Especially when you start talking about head chefs.

According to a Bloomberg study, women occupied less than 10 percent of head chef positions at 15 prominent U.S. restaurant groups in 2014 for example. But statistics like those aren’t stopping women from pushing forward and making their way into some of the best kitchens in the world, including more than a few of Pensacola’s most celebrated restaurants—like Union Public House and Restaurant IRON.

For our annual Spring Eats issue, we decided to profile some of the women who are using their talents to make our local culinary scene better and more diverse.

A lot women featured in this issue actually own the establishments they cook at—including Lee Kaferty of Cactus Flower Café, who along with co-owner Joni DeRome, own six locations of their super popular Mexican restaurant, making them straight-up small business moguls in our book.

We hope you are inspired by these women and their stories of dedication, passion-fueled work ethic and entrepreneurial success. We sure were.

Building An Empire—With Lee Kafeety of Cactus Flower Café
Baking It Happen—With Justine Gudmundson-McCain of Bluejay’s Bakery
Dessert Is Art—With Corey Wall of Restaurant IRON
The Vegan Veteran—With Jen Knight-Shoemaker of End of the Line Cafe
Southern Chefs Do It Best—With Amy Potmesil of Union Public House
Letting Intuition Lead—With MariCarmen Josephs of Carmen’s Lunch Bar
A Dive Bar With Heart—With Daisy Doyle and Jessica Laws of Chizuko
Sweet, Sweet Freedom—With Jordan Hewes of George Artisan Bakery & Bistro