Pensacola, Florida
Friday October 19th 2018


Baking It Happen

With Justine Gudmundson-McCain of Bluejay’s Bakery

Bluejay’s Bakery is a boutique bakery specializing in cakes, cupcakes and other treats, with options available for all dietary restrictions. Baker and owner Justine Gudmundson-McCain combines classic French techniques, diverse culinary experiences and a passion for the Pensacola food scene in her business.

After graduating from International Culinary Center in San Jose, California in 2013, Gudmundson-McCain worked in kitchens and bakeries throughout California. It was during that time that she worked for and was profoundly influenced by the owner of a renowned wedding and specialty cake bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“She showed me the hours and dedication that would be required to be successful and how to accomplish some amazing decorating feats,” Gudmundson-McCain said.

After her education and experience in on the West Coast, Gudmundson-McCain has returned to her hometown with culinary and baking skills, plus a successful business plan.

She’s encouraged and inspired by the continued growth and development of the Pensacola culinary landscape.

“I have loved seeing the steps this town has taken to bring more culture and variety to our food scene. Our community has really rallied around the changes downtown is undergoing and made it clear they are ready to support and expect a higher level of quality from their local restaurants.”

Currently, a “cottage food operation,” Bluejay’s Bakery has seen continued success and growth that’s necessitated a move to a full retail operation. The journey has come with its own challenges and obstacles, but Gudmundson-McCain has learned to adapt.

“I’ve learned to ‘go with the flow,’ and it’s given me more freedom from stress and disappointment,” she said. “Focusing on the positive, like the opportunity to plan the layout of a kitchen around accommodating our unique needs has been rewarding.”

Gudmundson-McCain is using a GoFundMe campaign to allow members of the community to contribute towards her goal of opening a retail storefront in 2017.

Until her storefront is a reality, you can find Bluejay’s Bakery most Saturdays at Palafox Market.

Her advice to women chasing a culinary dream: “There’s only one piece of advice I could ever give to another woman chasing her culinary dreams, and that’s to hustle. You have to hustle in everything you do by putting yourself out there. Let your community know who you are and what you have to offer. You need to always be in business mode because you never know where, when, or from who a new client or opportunity will come.”

Bluejay’s Bakery