Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday December 19th 2018


Soul Suffers

By Stephanie Sharp

The Suffers is a 10-piece band out to prove that they aren’t just “another soul revival band.” Their particular style blends influences from all over the musical map into a signature sound that they refer to as ‘Gulf Coast South,’ which they’ll bring right to the sands of Hangout Fest this Friday. Inweekly caught up with lead singer Kam Franklin in advance of the festival.

INWEEKLY: What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your sound or approach to music since you started performing? In the music industry at large?
FRANKLIN: We are more focused on releasing better content. We all had day jobs when the world first heard about us. We are wearing business casual in our first few rounds of press photos. Our album was recorded in a rush in order to have a product to tour on. Now that we’ve paid our dues on the road, and we’ve discovered the type of artists we want to be, we are taking our time to focus on building that. It’s a fun place to be in.

INWEEKLY: What’s the most underrated aspect of performing and/or attending music festivals? The most overrated?
FRANKLIN: The sense of community. After a while, playing all the festivals almost starts to feel like a summer camp. We’re on the road so often that these other acts become like a second family that we get to see a few times a year.

INWEEKLY: What are your top three favorite songs to perform live? Why?
FRANKLIN: ‘Giver,’ ‘Midtown’ and ‘Slow it Down.’ They’re some of our more complicated pieces, but I feel like we play them better every time we perform. That feeling of self-improvement makes me feel really good.

INWEEKLY: Do you have any superstitions or rituals around performing live?
FRANKLIN: We yell on stage, with our hands in the air, to get all of the bad energy out. Some folks think we look crazy, but we go into that first song with a clear mind.

INWEEKLY: If you could choose how people discover your music for the first time, what would be your ideal scenario?
FRANKLIN: Live. It’s the most sincere way for us to connect with our fans and deliver our music.

INWEEKLY: What is one thing your fans would not be able to guess about you?
FRANKLIN: More than half of the people in the band are black belts.

INWEEKLY: If you could change one thing about the music scene/industry, what would it be and why?
FRANKLIN: The rush to put out new content. There’s no patience, just this rush to create art. Most great art takes time. Some of our favorite albums took years to create, and I wish more people in the industry acknowledged that fact.

12:30-1:30 p.m.
Surf Stage