Pensacola, Florida
Saturday October 20th 2018


Keep It Clean

By Shelby Smithey

Anyone who’s ever celebrated Memorial Day Weekend on Pensacola Beach will tell you that it’s as much about the daytime fun on the beach as it anything else. Because of that, keeping the beach clean is high on everyone’s priority list.

After the campaign’s success last year, PSouth: Operation Beach Cleanup will once again endeavor to maintain pristine beaches, protect wildlife and habitats and act as a liaison between beachgoers, event staff, and law enforcement during Memorial Day Weekend.

“Approximately 100 volunteers walked the beaches last year,” said Alan Andris, PSouth Director and Executive Director of the Emma Jones Society LLC. “I am confident the number of volunteers will continue to grow as we build a positive business and tourism market for the LGBT community beyond Memorial Day Weekend.”

This year, Strive, an advocacy and organizing group who focus on the needs of transgender people in Escambia County, will volunteer throughout the weekend.  In addition to T-Shirts, PSouth will have tank tops and can coolers to give away. These items will be distributed free throughout the weekend.

Andris said that the majority of beachgoers during Memorial Day Weekend attend to their trash and actively advocate the importance of the Leave No Trace Ordinance so beaches, wildlife and ecosystems are preserved for future generations.

“We are eager to expand beyond Memorial Day Weekend, and our goal is to be present for additional beach functions throughout the year,” Andris said. “Currently I am working to obtain sponsorship and volunteers for the July 8 Blue Angels air show.”

People who are interested in learning more about PSouth, sponsorship, donations, volunteering or questions can visit them on Facebook @PSouth4CleanBeach, or they can also contact Andris at . Volunteers are needed primarily at 8 a.m. Monday morning as the weekend comes to a close.

“Unlike years past, law enforcement will issue citations in accordance with the Escambia County Code of Ordinances,” Andris said.

Trash bags will be distributed by PSouth and Public Works throughout the day and are available anytime from PSouth Operation Headquarters located on the east end of Lot 3 “H”.  Trash is picked up twice daily.  Trash should be placed on the south, Gulf side, of the designated service road.

“Please do not place trash of any kind north of the service road, the side closest to the dunes, to avoid damage to seagrass and dunes,” Andris said.

Additional Information
In addition to beach cleanup, PSouth works to inform beachgoers of local ordinances, laws and safety precautions.

Here are a few items of note:
·Vehicles parked in the travel portion of the roadway or paved bike trail will be towed by Matchett Bayside Towing. Last year they only took cash.
·Law enforcement will issue citations and fines in accordance with the Escambia County Code of Ordinances, Local and State laws, as applicable for dogs, grills, fire/open flames, gas cans on the beach and glass
·You must carry your ID on you at all times for age verification.  Failure to have your ID may result in a citation.
·Items such as coolers, tents, chairs, etc. are not permitted directly on the beach sand after sunset.
·The use of rope, caution tape or any other line material for marking your area on the beach is not permitted.  It will be removed.