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Sunday August 19th 2018


News of the Weird 7/13/17

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel

EDITORS NOTE From its beginning as a newsletter shared among friends, “News of the Weird” has grown to be one of the most popular syndicated sources for true tales of the bizarre taken from the world’s news headlines. Now, after more than 30 years assembling his weekly compendium of odd news stories, Chuck Shepherd has announced his retirement with the July 2 edition of the column.

But the news never stops, and neither will “News of the Weird.” Chuck’s longtime editors will continue to provide the same weekly roundup of funny, sometimes frightening stories of human misbehavior readers have come to love and look forward to.

Oh, Canada Canadian company Bad Axe Throwing announced in June it is bringing its unusual entertainment concept to Denver. It’s “like darts, but on steroids,” says founder Mario Zelaya. Customers provide their own food and beer and learn how to throw axes at targets. “We’ll be bringing along the competitive league side as well. That means that folks in Denver can sign up … and compete at a global level,” Zelaya said.

Insult to Injury It was dark in the wee hours of June 30 in Jacksonville, Florida, and Cedric Jelks, 38, probably never saw the loaded gun on the driver’s seat of his car as he got in, but he certainly felt it after the gun went off, wounding his manhood. When police investigating the report of a gunshot wound arrived at the hospital Jelks was taken to, they added possible firearms charges to his pain after discovering Jelks had a prior conviction for cocaine possession.

Oops! Jerry Lynn of Ross, Pennsylvania, is continually haunted by the result of a minor mishap 13 years ago while drilling a hole in the wall of his living room. During his project, an alarm clock fell through the hole and to the floor behind the wall. Since then, the alarm sounds dutifully at 7:10 p.m. (standard time) every day.

Why Not? A driver in Zhenjiang, China, took drive-thru service to the next level on June 10 when he carefully pulled his tiny automobile through the front doors of a convenience store, requested a package of potato chips and a bottle of yogurt, paid for his purchase and reversed through the doors with the cashier’s guidance. Surveillance video shows the cashier waving and saluting as the car pulls away. He posited that the driver might have been avoiding getting out of his car in the rain.

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