Pensacola, Florida
Monday December 17th 2018


Winners & Losers 12.9


EMERALD COAST UTILITIES AUTHORITY The utility held on Dec. 2 its community celebration to mark the completion of the new, $316-million Central Water Reclamation Facility, the largest public works project in the history of Escambia County. The new plant sits on 2,000 acres on land adjacent to Ascend Performance Materials (formerly Solutia) on Old Chemstrand Road.

MIKE GREEN The developer was the champion for relocating the Main Street sewage plant long before the staff and board of the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority was willing to even look at the possibility. Green understood how much “Old Stinky” was hindering the growth of west Pensacola and downtown. No one wanted to relocate the corporation to an area that smelled like an outhouse most of the year. Unfortunately, Green passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer before his dream was realized.

NAVARRE BEACH MARINE SANCTUARY The non-profit had its project chosen as a finalist for a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant. The project includes installing three near-shore snorkeling reefs off Navarre Beach, one in the Gulf of Mexico and two in Santa Rosa Sound. The Pepsi Refresh Grant will fund the gulf-side snorkeling reef. Grants are awarded to the 10 projects with the most votes in their categories. An individual can vote for the cause every day. Vote online at or text 104451 to PEPSI (73774).


NORTHWEST FLORIDA Our region may have elected Governor-elect Rick Scott, but we have little presence on his transition teams. Sheriff David Morgan and Gulf Power CEO Susan Story have been named to teams, but someone forgot to tell Scott that Story has been promoted to lead the Southern Company in Atlanta. At least McGuire’s Irish Politician Club should have the pull to get somebody else appointed.

BP Remember how the BP Barbies promised their company would make it right? Now the oil giant wants to decrease the size of “it.” BP has claimed that the oil spill data from the federal government might be incorrect, but the company has not yet confirmed what the real numbers are. According to the Clean Water Act, BP faces fines of up to $21 billion. There are scientists who are now suggesting the federal numbers are too low.

MIKE HARIDOPOLOS The Florida Senate President pleaded guilty last week to leaving out details about his consulting company on his financial filings. Haridopolos failed to disclose income to his consulting business, MJH Consulting. His lawyer Pete Dunbar entered the plea in front of the Florida Ethics Commission. Don’t worry about Haridopolos. The commission isn’t allowed to penalize legislators, so the matter has been turned over to the Senate Rules Committee. The head of that committee, John Thrasher, was appointed by Haridopolos.