Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


Wish You Were Beer—Mad About Solar

David Beddick, co-owner of A Little Madness Brewing Company, and his wife, majority owner Dayna Beddick, value local ingredients and sustainable practices when it comes to their brews.

They are currently working on building and opening their very own brewery on Davis Highway.

The Beddicks bought the property intended for A Little Madness two years ago, but have faced some setbacks since then. The property’s land use codes didn’t allow for a microbrewery designation, so they are currently in the final stages of working with the county to build their business.

“We have the lot cleared and the foundation poured and will be erecting the steel building in the next few weeks,” Beddick said. “In the meantime, we are doing what we can as far as homebrewed versions of what we plan to serve.”

Beddick and his wife utilize solar panels in the brewing process and prioritize environmentally friendly brewing practices. The couple adopted these principles 17 years ago when Dayna worked at a pub in Pennsylvania that also used sustainable methods and ingredients from local farmers and vendors.

“We have solar panels installed in our home which is the part of the reason I wanted to get into brewing,” David said. “I always wanted to know what I was putting into my body when I would drink a beer. That led to us starting to brew our own and we knew we wanted to take it to the next level.”

Beddick said that the solar panels aid in the brewing process by preheating water in thermal collectors on their roof.

“Our plan is to incorporate solar collection on the roof of the brewery to offset energy usage during the brewing process,” Beddick said. “While our plans include utilizing solar thermal to heat our brew water and photovoltaics to produce electricity for the three-phase electric brewhouse, our hope is to increase our capacity early in the process.”

The Beddicks have also designed their building to minimize energy usage by including LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and bio-based insulation made of soybeans and recycled plastic bottles.

“We’re not rich investment bankers,” Beddick said. “We are a family-owned, woman-owned business trying to make this happen. This has cultivated over a lifetime of learning this stuff.”

Although the delayed opening has caused added stress for the Beddicks, David said that they are much more focused on making great beers and doing it correctly, as well as giving back to the community.

“Our goal is to showcase a not-for-profit every first Saturday of the month and have a beer on tap where the proceeds go back to that organization,” Beddick said. “We are looking forward to giving back and overlapping for the betterment of our community.”

Paying a fair wage is also a top priority for the Beddicks.

“We want to pay a good wage,” Beddick said. “When we expand our immediate family into our work family we want people to feel invested in the company, which is why higher wages are so important.”

Some of their most unique beers include the Lavender Iron Wit, the grapefruit-infused Paloma Ale, the Keep Calm And Cherry Saison, as well as a holiday beer called Santa’s Sauce with toasted coconut and vanilla bean. Longtime members of the Escambia Bay Homebrewers Club, A Little Madness will be set up at the Emerald Coast Beer Fest this year, with an Arnold Palmer-inspired brew.

“We tend to bring some of our best and most unique stuff to these events,” Beddick said. “We’ve been involved with the club for so long now, so it always feels good to be there.”

A Little Madness Brewing Company
9838 N. Davis Highway