Pensacola, Florida
Saturday October 20th 2018


Wish You Were Beer—Smart People Drink Local Beer

The Redneck Riviera Brewing Project (RRBP), which is a collaboration with Goat Lips Chew and Brew House on Copter Road, has been going strong for three years now.

Operating as a true brewpub, the small brewery makes about 65 gallons per batch, but will soon be upgrading their system.

The premise for RRBP started five years ago as an idea between Goat Lips owner Larry Cowan and brewers Tim Moore and Tim Roberts. About a year ago, Roberts moved to New Mexico and since then his brother Rob Roberts is now more involved in the brewing process with Moore.

“We will be upgrading to a two-barrel system this fall which means more potential volume overall, about double the capacity, and ultimately more opportunity to add one-off and experimental beer recipes to the brew menu,” Moore said.

Last year, RRBP worked on a unique collaboration with researchers from the University of Florida extension campus at the Jay Research Facility. This collaboration allowed them to brew beer using locally grown hops.

“We used the hops that the UF site had grown, which turned out pretty nice overall,” Moore said. “We were able to use these hops to create a delicious one-off pale ale. Unfortunately, the funding for that project was cut, so it was a true one-off.”

RRBP co-brewer Rob Roberts said that they will be pouring their Argo Amber, Sunshine State Grapefruit IPA, The Big Easy Coffee Stout and Raiders of the Last Hops #58 Red Ale this year at the Emerald Coast Beer Fest.

“We are working on a chocolate peanut butter stout, a new recipe for a cream ale and possibly bringing back some Imperial brews like a high gravity stout and our 10 Point IPA,” Roberts said.

As for their crowd favorites, Roberts said that their seasonal beers are always popular.

“For the fall, that is our Sweet Potato Ale and the Sunshine State Grapefruit IPA for the summer,” he said. “Our year round favorites are typically the Shovel-bum Cream Ale, Argo Amber and Raiders of the Last Hops.”

Moore said that he started home brewing years ago in his backyard with Tim Roberts, and with a lot of research and trial and error, they both self-taught themselves to brew.

“Tim’s brother Rob apprenticed under him to learn the brewing process, and stepped in for Tim when he moved to New Mexico last fall,” Moore said. “We currently operate on a one-barrel system and will brew about 65 gallons per brewing day, which currently requires two sessions on our system.”

Brewing commercially is a lot of work, Moore said, that requires a great attention to detail.

“As both Rob and I work other jobs full time, in order to make beer of the highest potential quality on our system, we are limited as to how much and how often we brew,” he said. “I love meeting new people and when we are brewing there are plenty of opportunities for that. Additionally, the satisfaction of knowing you could be brewing someone’s new favorite beer is definitely what makes it all worth it.”

Moore said that craft beer is about community and that it connects people to each other and to the local economy.

“As the door to our brewery states, ‘Smart people drink local beer,’” he said. “Besides the economic impact supporting local businesses has on the community, drinking local gives you a chance to socialize and make new friends in these local establishments. There is nothing wrong with drinking beer owned by the big breweries, but when you go to a local bar or restaurant, why not ask what local beers they have on tap and give them a try. You might be surprised at what is out there and what you like.”

Redneck Riviera Brewing Project at Goat Lips Chew and Brew House
2811 Copter Road