Pensacola, Florida
Monday June 25th 2018


Wish You Were Beer—Perfect Plain Progress

Perfect Plain Brewing Co., coming soon to a spacious 5400-square foot modern brewery, will soon be the newest addition to downtown Pensacola’s craft beer scene.

Located in the old Vowell’s Printing building on Garden Street, Perfect Plain President DC Reeves said that they are scheduled to have construction completed by November 1, with a soft opening slated for later that month.

“When we first started talking about the concept for the brewery, we knew we wanted to push the envelope here in Pensacola,” Reeves said. “We are all panhandle natives. We all love it here and knew we wanted to be a part of this cool movement. We are passionate about this city and we think it’s a great atmosphere.”

Reeves and his team first started working on the initial project back in November 2015.

“It’s been a long two-year process, but in some ways it’s been sort of a blessing overall. It’s been really fulfilling,” he said.

Perfect Plain’s team consists of Reeves, brewing operations director Reed Odeneal, head brewer Brett Schweigert and general manager BB Liggett.

“Schweigert previously worked at Twin Leaf Brewery in Asheville, which is one of the top craft beer cities in the U.S.,” Reeves said. “They are both awesome brewers and have seen the envelope being pushed, which we hope to bring to Pensacola. It’s like going to New York City and seeing what’s in fashion. Obviously, we know we are in a hot climate, so we want to make stuff that’s catered to Pensacola.”

Reeves, who used to work as a sports writer, first met Odeneal in Tallahassee. Odeneal was working in IT and homebrewing at the time.

“I always joked that we should go back to Pensacola and open a place,” Reeves said.

Fast forward a few years and Odeneal had moved to Asheville and Reeves back to Pensacola.

“When we started to get serious, I asked him if he would come down and run the brewing side of things,” Reeves said. “Reed agreed on one condition, that we work with Brett Schweigert, who he met in Asheville and who is actually from Pensacola.”

Reeves said that Chicago Bears football player and Pensacola native Josh Sitton is an investor with the brewery.

“I’m not a brewer myself, just a connoisseur,” Reeves said. “I’m just a fan of beer and fan of Pensacola and more of the aggregator and saw the potential of this team of people.”

The brewery will feature a 10-barrel brewing system, which will be open to the taproom.

“We thought it would be really cool to have the tanks and brewing system be viewable and open to the tap room,” Reeves said. “We’ll have about 10 to 12 beers on tap during the opening. We are so excited to be here and are trying to have our soft opening as soon as we can.”

Perfect Plain Brewing Co.
50 E. Garden St.