Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


Heavy Hitters

By Shelby Nalepa

If you’ve lived in Pensacola for a while, you’ve probably heard of the band Heavy Kid. Or at least some its members.

The five-piece is made up of local music veterans who’ve played in their fair share of other bands over the years.

Heavy Kid consists of friends Ben Bogan, drums/backing vocals, Brian Gore, guitar/vocals, Chris Hawkes, guitar, Clinton Horton, bass guitar, and Brian Hual, guitar.  The majority of that lineup actually started playing together around 2000 under the name Old Gold Finish and released a self-titled album in 2003.

“We took a little break thereafter and returned with an additional guitar player in Brian Hual and the name Heavy Kid,” Bogan said. “We’ve all known each other for years and have worked on different music projects over time and put this ensemble together from the appreciation of each other’s talents.”

Bogan himself started playing drums many years ago in the Pensacola scene and has been in a few well-known bands including Woodenhorse, Flatwheelers with David Dondero and 60 Cycles Of Sound.

“The other guys have been in bands including Love Junk, Holden Caulfield, The Chumps, Pulsador and many others,” he said.

Heavy Kid is following up their self-titled debut with “Nandina,” a 12-song album that they have been recording independently.

“We have been recording ourselves over the past few years in our current and past band rooms, as well as recently in our guitar player’s ‘Hual Manor’ with our other trusty guitar player Chris in the pilot seat working the knobs,” Bogan said. “It lends to a relaxed atmosphere and gives us time to experiment a bit.”

Bogan said that this time around they had their friend Sean Peterson, of Pensacola Audio Documentation, master the songs for the album and are very happy with his handiwork.

“We worked on the newest batch of songs for most of this year and had a few songs we had recorded in the past that made their way onto the new release,” he said.

Bogan said that usually someone will come in with an idea or a nearly complete song and then the band will collaborate and come up with other parts and pieces and put a structure to it and then work on the vocal melodies.

“We all have many different appreciations of styles and tastes in music and kind of morph them all together into our own style,” he said.

Owner of Ben Bogan Designs, a metal-based custom furniture design company, Bogan balances his professional endeavors with the demands of being a musician.

“My professional work and music are similar in the fact that you want the songs to have a good flow to them as you would an artistically designed three-dimensional piece and you want to place the songs in an order to work in a harmonious direction with its peaks and valleys throughout the album,” he said.

Heavy Kid will have an album release show at The Bridge Bar this weekend as well and an opening slot with Everclear at Vinyl Music Hall for their “So Much For The Afterglow” 20th-anniversary tour on Nov. 10.

“It seems our home for shows has been The Bridge Bar in the last several years, but we have played at Vinyl Music Hall with Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ and other bands and have played The Break, The Islander, Paradise and Pensacola Bay Brewery too locally,” Bogan said.

WHAT: Heavy Kid Album Release Party with Yard Lights and Kent Stanton
WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16
WHERE: The Bridge Bar, 33 Gulf Breeze Parkway
COST: Free