Pensacola, Florida
Sunday August 19th 2018


Talking “No Resolution” with Tim Kasher

By Shelby Nalepa

Frontman of Cursive and The Good Life, Tim Kasher is back together with longtime friend and fellow Omaha native Conor Oberst, at least for a couple of weeks. Currently supporting Oberst on tour, the Midwestern indie darlings will be playing Vinyl Sunday night.

Though he’s playing the role of opener on this tour, Kasher has been around just as long as Oberst. He has a repertoire of 18 albums and with a recent interest in filmmaking, he’s still making moves. Kasher just released “No Resolution,” his third solo endeavor earlier this year, and made his directorial debut with a film of the same name.

“The songs on the album came first, as they were initially being prepared for an earlier script I was putting into production that later got scrapped,” Kasher said. “The script was similar in dramatic content to ‘No Resolution,’ so I carried the songs over to the new production, changing some lyrics to accommodate when necessary.

Kasher said that he considers the album and film to have separate relationships, as in they both work on their own, but the film is very closely attached to the album, as the songs are used as the score and heard throughout.

This is the first script Kasher has gotten into production, though he’s written many.

“I enjoy it,” he said. “‘No Resolution’ is about an engaged couple on the precipice of a rocky relationship over the backdrop of New Year’s Eve. Lots of arguing.”

Kasher said that he’s been working on getting scripts into production for a handful of years now, but that this is the first movie he’s gotten made because it’s the first one he produced fully on his own.

“I have written a handful of scripts since this latest production and plan on moving forward with one of them over the coming year,” he said. “I’m terrified, which feels normal.”

Kasher currently lives in Los Angeles, but is originally from the Midwest. He first started playing in bands in Omaha in the early ’90s forming Cursive in 1995 with Matt Magin, Steve Pederson and Clint Schnase.

Then came his side project The Good Life which started out as a solo endeavor but decided to make it into a full band a few years later. Kasher also spent some time living in Montana.

“I’ve moved around a lot, though I’ve been slowing down over the last few years,” he said.

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