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Wednesday October 17th 2018


News of the Weird 10/26/17

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel

Ewwwww! Quick-thinking paramedics in Dorset, England, saved the life of a man whose fishing outing went south when a dover sole jumped down his throat and blocked his windpipe on Oct. 5. Sam Quilliam, 28, had just caught the 5 1/2-inch-long fish and went to give it a kiss when it wriggled free and lodged in his throat. “I ran round the pier like a headless chicken and then passed out,” Quilliam told The Guardian. When first responders arrived, Quilliam was not breathing, but friends were performing CPR. Paramedic Matt Harrison said: “It was clear that we needed to get the fish out or this patient was not going to survive. … I was able to eventually dislodge the tip of the tail and very carefully, so as not to break the tail off, I tried to remove it—although the fish’s barbs and gills were getting stuck on the way back up.” Finally, the fish “came out in one piece,” Harrison said. Quilliam said his brush with death won’t put him off fishing. “Once I am back at work and fit, I will probably get back at it again,” he said.

Horsing Around Lindsey Partridge of Ontario, Canada, booked herself at a pet-friendly Super 8 in Georgetown, Kentucky, for the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover on Oct. 4. At check-in, Partridge asked the front desk clerk if the pet policy included horses, to which the clerk answered, “Aw, I wouldn’t mind. You could do that.” So Partridge returned to her horse trailer and brought Blizz, her retired racehorse, into the hotel. Partridge and Blizz took a video and a few photos in the room, but eventually Partridge took Blizz to the Kentucky Horse Park, where the rooms are more suited to equine visitors. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Blizz took third place in the trail competition during the event.

•Meanwhile, in Iowa, a pair of women stopped at a traffic light in Altoona in October looked at the car next to them and saw a horse staring back from the back seat. “This is the most Iowa thing that has EVER happened to me,” Hannah Waskel tweeted, along with a video of the miniature horse. “We started laughing and the people driving the horse saw us and waved,” Hannah told UPI. “They even rolled the window down for the horse.”

Wait, What? U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport made an unusual discovery in the luggage of a traveler arriving from Vietnam in October: 54 illegal bird nests. The nests, which are considered a delicacy in some countries, are built out of solidified bird saliva and are used to make soup and broth, reported UPI. However, they are banned from entering the United States because they may carry infectious diseases. The nests were destroyed.

What We’ll Do for Love The Daily World in Centralia, Washington, reported that Rachel A. Deckert, 27, tried to turn herself in at the Lewis County Jail on an outstanding DUI warrant on Aug. 21, but was turned away because she brought along her partner — literally glued to Deckert by her pinky finger. When Deckert tried again the next day, still attached to her partner, police and firefighters were called. The two women were attached by a copper elbow pipe into which they had each inserted a pinky finger secured with “some kind of epoxy,” a firefighter said. They told authorities they had been that way about a week at the suggestion of a couples therapy counselor. “They haven’t been able to feel their fingers for three days,” said police detective Patty Finch. Efforts to separate the women were unsuccessful, and Deckert was released with advice to seek medical attention.