Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday October 17th 2018


Foo Foo Fest 2017: Cubes, Covers & Collaboration

Like our cover this week? Artists Somi Choi, lead designer at idgroup, and Veronique Zayas, owner of HatchMark Studio designed it together, which makes us want to see their CUBED collaboration even more.

To see Choi and Zayas in action, check out the CUBED live painting events Nov. 3, 4 and 5 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They also designed a custom mural for Peat & Pearls, which will be on display at the event.

What inspired your design for CUBED and the Inweekly cover?
CHOI: The kinetic-ness of the type just made sense for the personality of Pensacola. I see Pensacola as a lively city with so much to offer, and the city has grown and evolved so much in the past several years. So I wanted to represent the idea of constant movement and evolution while standing strong on the foundation of its history as the background.
ZAYAS: The cover is a reflection of what we’re bringing to the CUBED event and what the Foo Foo Festival is all about—it’s a true collaboration. Diverse styles and energy and approaches to art all meeting in one place to celebrate Pensacola and invigorate the city.

How would you describe your own design style?
CHOI: Two words: organized chaos. This speaks loudly in my lettering style. While I try to make everything pixel-perfect and aligned at my desk, I try to disturb—with purpose—what’s perfect and simple during my lettering session outside of the office. I believe there’s beauty in both perfection and imperfection. It’s all about how well it’s executed.
ZAYAS: My style definitely leans towards structured and purposeful. I love the energy that hand lettering can bring to a piece, but there has to be a reason for integrating it. Design with concept and purpose behind it stands the test of time and can do a lot to push a brand to that next level.

What’s it been like collaborating with each other for this project?
CHOI: First of all, it’s been so much fun. Veronique and I have been friends even before we started collaborating. We have great design chemistry, which made collaboration so much easier. We have different styles that we mesh to make them work better together. It’s amazing when you start one project not knowing how everything will go, and in the middle of the process, you begin to see how everything comes together. That’s a true joy.
ZAYAS: Somi is my lettering kindred spirit—it’s fantastic to work with someone who pushes you to do something differently or approach a piece from a new angle. That’s what makes our projects work so well—the opposing styles that come together to create a final piece better than either of us could manage on our own.