Pensacola, Florida
Saturday October 20th 2018


Foo Foo Fest 2017: Flower Power

By Stephanie Sharp

This year’s Foo Foo Fest is bound to be full of surprises around every corner, but few as fanciful as the Fiore Flower Flashes.

Starting on Monday, Nov. 6, those “flashes” mean biodegradable floral installations will appear at several iconic locations across downtown.

Fiore owner Shannon Murphy Pallin was working in New York City several years ago and was inspired by the work of Lewis Miller NYC. This firm created art installations all over New York using leftover floral materials to create works of public art.

Most of the public only interacts with the work of professional florists during special events like weddings or when bouquets are given as gifts to commemorate life events.

For this year’s Foo Foo Fest, Pallin wanted to create something similar to the Lewis Miller NYC installations for residents and visitors of Pensacola.

While Fiore’s professional services are usually purposefully designed and carefully executed, this project gives the team a new way to repurpose their work and bring joy to even more people.

“We usually give the extras away,” said Pallin of the usual post-event fate of their floral creations.

For this first Fiore Flower Flash, Pallin says that the repurposed flowers will be supplemented by additional flowers specifically purchased for the event to add some variety to the color scheme.

The installation is set to appear on Monday, Nov. 6 on Palafox Street between Wright Street and Main Street.

Once the flowers are placed, Pallin says it’s up to the weather and the public how long the experience will be around. She says she hopes people who come across the installations will stop, admire, ask questions, maybe even take a few flowers.

“The whole art process will evolve,” said Pallin. “It could last two days or a whole week.”

The Fiore team did communicate with city and downtown officials to ensure that the installations would not be removed before time, weather and public interaction necessitate their clean up.

Pallin hopes that the Fiore Flower Flashes will beautify the city in an unexpected way during Foo Foo Fest, near iconic locations and well-known landmarks in town that may have become background noise to residents who frequent the area.

The unexpected juxtaposition of the city’s usual landscape with whimsical floral experiences will shake up people’s perspectives and spark imaginations. Pallin also has hopes that these short-lived art experiences will snap people out of their regular routines and habits.

“I hope people put some thought into what they’re seeing, instead of having their face in their phones.”

WHAT: A series of fresh flower installations
WHEN: Monday, Nov. 6-Saturday, Nov. 11
WHERE: Multiple locations downtown
COST: Free