Pensacola, Florida
Thursday December 13th 2018


Inweekly’s First Ever Pensacola Wish List

From downtown developments to expanding entertainment options, you can’t deny that Pensacola is experiencing a special kind of growth spurt right now. If the increasing construction zones and decreasing availability of parking spaces aren’t enough evidence for you, the current success of Foo Foo Fest should be. Seriously, five years ago who would have thought that downtown would be buzzing because of public art exhibits? But that’s exactly what was happening this past weekend thanks to CUBED and the Umbrella Sky Project and it was inspiring to watch.

And that’s why we thought there’s no better time than right now, when we are seeing the power of creative visioning thrive in our streets, than to make a wish list of more things we want to see happen in our happening little town. We tried to not limit our ideas, so some are really big picture and some are really small. We also didn’t shy from anything, so you’ll see some political ideas in the mix too. But really, we wouldn’t be Inweekly if we didn’t go there.

•More food trucks
(preferably ones as good as Nomadic Eats)

(and lots of them—you know, like Mobile recently got from Amazon)

•Dim sum
•An Ethiopian restaurant
•And a Korean one too
•More Indian food
•Thai food downtown (we’re cool with making the trek to Gulf Breeze for the good stuff, but downtown would be even better)
•Legit Middle Eastern food
•More ramen options
•A Cuban cafe
Basically just more ethnic food overall

•An open container variance a la NOLA

•More bike lanes

•More free parking downtown
(especially on week nights when there’s not much going on)

•A bookstore

•Increase diversity of elected officials

•A downtown and/or beach rooftop bar

•More modern and contemporary art exhibits
•And dance

•A coffee house/listening room style music venue

•A centrally located food hall (like St. Roch Market in NOLA or Krog Street Market in ATL)

•SoulCycle (or really just a SoulCycle type studio)
•And while we’re talking about fitness, let’s add ClassPass (because we’ve got enough boutique fitness classes now to make it worthwhile)

•More hip-hop shows

•A local movie theater that shows indies and documentaries (like Tree House Cinema did—RIP)
•Also, let’s bring back the film festival

•A sports museum (because everyone knows we have more than enough local heroes to justify one)

•and Postmates too while we’re at it

•A John Sunday monument

•A fresh-pressed juice place

•More public art (because clearly we “get” it now)

•A new indoor arena/concert venue (or least a facelift for the Pensacola Bay Center)

•A regular art market (like Palafox Market but just for art)

•A Black history archive (maybe even a full-blown museum)

•Higher voter turnout (especially in primaries)
•More town halls and press conferences
•Larger rallies and protest when they’re needed
Really, just more civic engagement in general

•The Punk Museum project become a reality

•A cat cafe

•More local beer

•A nightclub to fill the void left by Emerald City

•The long-awaited return of Amtrak’s Sunset Limited line
•And if we can’t get that, maybe at least a Megabus stop

•More dog-friendly restaurants and bars

•A dedicated women’s health clinic

•Affordable housing options that are actually, you know, affordable

We’d love to hear what you’d add to this list too, so if you have a suggestion email it