Pensacola, Florida
Thursday October 18th 2018


Let’s Get Mystical

By Shelby Nalepa

A group of local psychics and mediums are bringing a bit of fun and wonder to the community with an all new event geared toward all things mystical.

The New Moon Celestial Festival, organized by Gulf Coast Intuitives (GCI), will feature Tarot and oracle readers, energy healers, fire performers, drum circles, mediums, psychics, astrologists and even aura photography.

Felipe Muñoz, who serves on the organization’s board as communication chair, said that GCI’s goal for the fest is to bring an aspect of family-friendly fun to the spiritual and mystical approach to life.

“As our first event, we want people to be curious and entertained while discovering more about themselves and the mysteries of the universe and other realms,” Muñoz said. “With a New Age approach, we want to bring people together and welcome positive energy to be spread through light, love and joy in the world.”

First envisioned last year, Muñoz said that the organization was formed to create a reliable and safe community of psychics and mediums that take their gifts seriously.

“We want to give support to those who want to develop their natural psychic and intuitive abilities, nurturing a network of trustworthy talents,” he said.

“According to founder Toni Talley, ‘Truly we are all born with the gift of being intuitive,’ so we made our motto that of ‘Growing people into their gift.’”

Muñoz said that GCI board director and President Danny Green wants to bring a new generation of people to embrace their intuition, understand their gift and develop their skills.

“As a child he felt like when being outspoken about his views in life that he was outcasted by conservative and orthodox thought,” Muñoz said. “Now he wants to be part of something that helps others not to feel like that, and actually help them to understand what their awakening means, as well as to become ethical, respectful, and aware of the responsibility that comes with such gifts that deeply influence people’s lives.”

Muñoz, a certified life coach, angel and oracle card reader, Usui Reiki master and energy healer, will be offering Tarot readings at the festival.

“Energy healing is a way of putting in the same pot all forms of healing that deal with the spiritual body,” he said. “Pranic Healing, Reiki, Tenepes and Johrei, are some examples. Some of them are as simple as following the principle of laying hands healing and making a prayer, others gather force from Earth and the Cosmos to cleanse someone’s past and present emotional burden.”

The fest will also offer aura photography, which Muñoz said is a fun and intriguing experience.

“You will be able to see the colors and energies around you that are influencing you and that you are influencing at that moment,” he said. “If nothing else, that creates a level of awareness towards the unseen aspects of the world, and a sense of self-reflection about the things we like about that moment in our lives or the things we want to change about it. It will be a neat experiment to take a photo when you arrive at the festival and another when you are leaving, and see what changed about how you feel and see things around you.”

All of the festival vendors are from the Gulf Coast region, from Panama City to Pensacola, with intuitives from almost every county in between.

“We hope that as we grow, more local business will understand our intent of support of community and regional business to benefit the talents in the area that want to serve people open to a world bigger than what we see with our eyes,” Muñoz said.

Serving as a resource for people who want to discover more, learn more, experiment and grow without concerns of judgment, Muñoz said, is one of the main goals of the organization.

“We want people to see that having different spiritual practices doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your heart’s belief but that you actually embrace it completely in a way that you feel more true to yourself,” he said.

Muñoz said that First City Art Center will offer a safe space for intimate moments, when having someone reading about one’s life events or giving personal consultations.

“This is an event for people to dance, chat and enjoy life and togetherness,” Muñoz said. “We want to provide a space for people to discover more about themselves, the nature and the elements that are part of them and that they are a part of. It is important for us to inspire new generations to be themselves, to see what is new, different and the fun in all that.”

WHAT: A mystical celebration presented by Gulf Coast Intuitives
WHEN: 4-9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 18
WHERE: First City Art Center, 1060 N. Guillemard St.
COST: $10 for adults and kids 10 and older, $5 for kids 5-9, free for 4 and under