Pensacola, Florida
Saturday February 23rd 2019


Eat Drink & Be Busy

100 Things To Do Before 2018

Whether you’re a master planner or professional procrastinator, we can all agree that December is a great month to totally and completely overwhelm yourself.

From party invites to visiting relatives, it really is the most wonderful and busy time of the year.

But even in the midst of all those things you have to do, there’s tons of good stuff happening that you really should want to do—like seeing a festive cultural performance or celebrating the fact that comfort food is finally in season.

To help you find that good stuff and make the most of what’s left of 2017, we put together this handy to do list. We tried to cover all the bases and not leave anybody out—including kids, pets and people who hate the holidays. So whether you’re looking for live music, cooking classes or sandwich recommendations, we’ve got you covered.