Pensacola, Florida
Friday May 25th 2018


Winners & Losers 12.16


COMMUNITY MARITIME PARK The daily newspaper article proclaiming that Quint and Rishy Studer may have bought a Major League Baseball Double-A team to play in the maritime park to start the 2012 baseball season is a great announcement. We expect Marty Donovan, Charles Fairchild and other members of the Tick Tock Gang, who attacked the Studers for not having a MLB team, to write letters to the editor congratulating the Studers and thanking the couple for spending millions to eliminate one more objection of the naysayers.

ED FLEMING The attorney for the Community Maritime Park Associates knew he would be attacked by representatives of Maritime Park Development Partners when he made his recommendations to the CMPA board of trustees on Dec. 10. However, no one expected them to snipe at him behind his back while he was speaking to the board. Fleming recommended the CMPA board fire MPDP as the project coordinator and thereby save over half a million dollars. The MPDP’s childish whispers didn’t influence the board or the audience. The board voted 9-2 to fire MPDP.

GEORGE HAWTHORNE The CEO of Diversity Program Advisors, Inc. drafted the Equal Business Opportunity program for MPDP. He has been a champion for minority contractors and workers for the Community Maritime Park, which has put him in an adversarial role against MPDP for it allegedly not complying with the EBO agreement. Hawthorne has filed two formal EBO complaints against MPDP. One has been held up as valid by the EBO Compliance Officer and the CMPA EBO Committee.


MARITIME PARK DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS The face and primary spokesman for the developer of the maritime park has been Scott Davison of the now-defunct Land Capital Group. The CMPA board voted to fire MPDP as the project coordinator for the park when CMPA’s executive director, contractor owner’s representative and attorney told the board that MPDP was being paid for the same duties that CMPA was paying the park’s builder, Magi Construction. Whoever MPDP’s owners are, Dec. 10 wasn’t a good day for them.

TONY MCCRAY & ESCAMBIA-PENSACOLA HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION Although they have no construction experience, MPDP hired McCray and EPHRC to run the EBO program for the maritime park. Their inexperience has shown in their failure to recognize the issues minority contractor Greg Green had with Heaton Brothers and Magi Construction. Their focus seems to be in holding a series of seminars in the first quarter of 2011. By then, most of the construction contracts will already have been signed. People need jobs, not more meetings.

There may be no minor league baseball in Pensacola for the 2011 season. In order for the Studers to purchase a MLB Double-A team, they had to sell their independent Single-A team, Pensacola Pelicans. Next year, the Studers will own a Double-A which will stay in its present location in the Southern League. The good news is that Pensacola fans can watch their future team play often since six of the 10 current Southern League teams are within a six-hour drive from Pensacola.