Pensacola, Florida
Friday October 19th 2018


Winners & Losers 1/11/18

Tommi Lyter
Pensacola Police Chief Lyter closed out 2017 with zero homicides inside the Pensacola city limits. Last year, the city had seven homicides in its first 10 months, five from July-October. While assistant police chief, Lyter led the initiative to beef up patrols in crime-ridden areas. His plan worked.

Katherine Powell and Adam Koppin
The Blues Angel Music Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit supporting music education and therapy, announced the recipients of the 2017 Music Educator of the Year awards for Escambia and Santa Rosa counties—Katherine Powell of Ransom Middle School in Cantonment and Adam Koppin of W. H. Rhodes Elementary School in Milton. These teachers will each receive $1,000 to use in their music programs.

Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union
The credit union again earned BauerFinancial’s 5-Star Superior rating for strength and security. Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union has earned this highest rating for 94 consecutive quarters, which secures it an even more elite status as a “Sustained Superiority Credit Union.” Only nine percent of the nation’s credit unions have earned and maintained Bauer’s top rating for so long with such consistency.

Baptist Wound Care Center
The center recently received the Center of Excellence Award. This award distinguishes centers that have demonstrated exceptional success by meeting or exceeding clinical, operational and financial benchmarks in different categories over a three-month period. The award is RestorixHealth’s highest achievement.

Ryan Zinke
U.S. Secretary of the Interior announced that the White House plans to allow offshore drilling for crude oil and natural gas off the coast of Florida. The decision has been widely condemned by Republicans, Democrats and all other Floridians. Having lived through the BP oil disaster of 2010, we don’t need to put our fishing and tourism industries at risk. In Northwest Florida, the decision impacts the missions of NAS Pensacola, Hurlburt AFB and Eglin AFB. It’s time for Rep. Gaetz and Gov. Rick Scott to use their influence with President Donald Trump.

Jeff Sessions
With all the issues facing the Department of Justice, we are baffled that the Attorney General would single out marijuana as a priority for his U.S. attorneys, especially when states like Florida have adopted constitutional amendments to regulate its use for medical purposes. Sessions is clearly out of step with the voters and President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to not interfere with state cannabis programs.

Project Sunburst
In 2012, Gov. Rick Scott launched this special website that would make his emails and those of his leadership team accessible to the public online. He promised the Governor and Lt. Governor’s emails would be posted. Project Sunburst has been completely shut down. Scott’s spokesman said Governor and Lt. Governor’s emails will be posted in the coming weeks but not the emails of other officials.