Pensacola, Florida
Friday May 24th 2019


Winners & Losers 2/15/17

Pensacola Sports
The University of West Florida Intercollegiate Athletics announced a $100,000 gift commitment from Pensacola Sports and the Pensacola Sports Foundation to assist with the expansion and renovation of the UWF Athletic Training Center on the Pensacola campus. The UWF Athletic Training Center provides comprehensive healthcare services for all 15 athletic teams and more than 350 student-athletes. This gift will address the program’s critical need for additional space, as UWF added both women’s swimming and diving and football as varsity sports over the last five years.

Jack Williams
The Seville Quarter General Manager Jack Williams received the prestigious Lou Gregory Spirit Award from the Pensacola Runners Association Runners. The Lou Gregory Spirit Award is the highest award in Pensacola’s running community. It was established in 1979 to honor “demonstration of great leadership and enthusiasm for helping to promote and maintain the sport of running in the Pensacola community.”

Kerry Anne Schultz-Battle
The Rotary Club of Gulf Breeze awarded Schultz-Battle its Citizen of the Year. Selected for her leadership and commitment to the community, Kerry Anne Schultz-Battle is a volunteer and leader in various organizations. In addition to her role as a partner with Fountain, Schultz & Associates, her list of leadership contributions include Gulf Breeze Rotary past president, trustee of Pensacola Little Theatre and Board of Governors of the Pensacola State College Foundation.

Tea Party
In 2010, Republicans rode the Tea Party to power as voters became upset with the budget deficits tied to President Barack Obama’s economic recovery programs. The Tea Party advocated fiscal responsibility and elected people who promised they would be more frugal with federal tax dollars. Obama was the obstacle that prevented them from cutting the deficit. Now the Republicans control the White House and Congress, and the deficit has been estimated to exceed five percent of the gross domestic product by 2019, the largest for the economy while at full employment since World War II.

Racetrack Bingo
Larry and Dixie Masino were convicted last week in the U.S. District Court in Pensacola of wire fraud conspiracy, operating an illegal gambling business, and money laundering conspiracy. The Masinos owned and operated Racetrack Bingo in Fort Walton Beach, which purported to conduct bingo games and provide the proceeds to local charities. Between 2006 and 2015, the couple conspired to defraud the charities out of more than $8 million.

National Tsunami Warning Center
Many locals last week received an official Tsunami Warning on their cellphones. The National Tsunami Warning Center, part of the National Weather Service, told that the routine tsunami test message was mistakenly released by a private sector company via phones and other media across the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean. Oops.