Pensacola, Florida
Thursday March 30th 2017


My Free Hour of Bliss

by Jennie McKeon

About a month ago, I was at a Christmas craft fair in Navarre when I entered a drawing for a free massage. I didnt think anything of it when I received a call from an unknown number, but when I listened to the voicemail saying I had won a massage I couldnt wait for some much-needed R&R.

Saturday, I went to redeem my prize and meet with Robin. It was a cold, wet day, but inside Navarre Healing Arts it was warm and cozy. I discussed my problem areas with Robin (lower back in case you needed to know) and she explained her techniques to me.

Im also really uptight, I blurted.

Robin threw her head back and laughed, At least youre honest.

When we got to the good stuff I tried my best to relax, but my brain was working at warp speed. And then I realized I didnt turn my phone off. My ring tone is set to Black or White by Michael Jackson, which is too incredible of a song to relax to. I heard my phone vibrate twice and held my breath hoping it would just be an e-mail. Thankfully, it was.
Now, Ive never heard of a bad massage and Ive definitely never heard of a bad massage thats free, but after I stopped thinking about Christmas presents and whether or not Michael Jackson was going to serenade me and Robin, I was able to get into the zone. Robin worked her magic as if I were a paying customer. Instead of one massage type such as Swedish or deep tissue, Robin customizes your massage to your problems. It works for me because I dont know the difference. Does a masseuse have to wear braids to perform a Swedish massage?

Some of Robins moves hurt so good in the John Mellencamp kind of way and some sent goose bumps down my back. I couldve lied there forever, but Im sure Robins fingers were getting tired.

Before I left, I asked Robins permission to write about my experience which got us talking. Robin was a photojournalist in the Army and dabbles in writing. I even read a poem she wrote about an ex, which was insightful and beautiful. I hope you enjoyed the massage, Robin said as I was walking out the door. I did, I said. I cant believe I was lucky enough to win that.

You must have good karma, she replied. I certainly hope so.

Where to Go:
Navarre Healing Arts
7552 Navarre Pkwy Ste.44 in the Harvest Village plaza
(850) 936-5300