Pensacola, Florida
Monday May 21st 2018


Hot Times: David Allan Coe at Vinyl


An outlaw will ride into town this Thursday, and a new sheriff will welcome him with a hearty handshake of old fashioned foot stompin‘ justice. The baddest of the bad, David Allan Coe, will be stopping into Vinyl Music Hall to sing a few songs and have a few kicks, and joining him in this night of revelry will be Pensacola’s own pint sized preacher’s daughter with a man sized attitude, Betsy Badwater, alongside her brother from another motherstring wizard, Lang Hollowman, and long time collaborator and good old friend Jeff Glickman.

Coe, who was one of the first, as well as one of the last remaining “Outlaws” of Country & Western music, is probably best known for his rough and tumble past and surly demeanor, when he should be remembered as one of the most prolific songwriters in the history of the genre. Having written tunes not only for himself, but also for many of country music’s biggest stars, as well as touring and jamming with anybody from Willie Nelson to members of Pantera, David Allan Coe has solidified his place as a true legend. Still touring and spreading the love, or hate, or whatever you want to call it, this working class hero is in it ‘til the wheels fall off. Finally, his travels bring him back to good ‘ol Pensacola.

Hollowman/Badwater are well known and in high demand in our sleepy little town. Having met each and every challenge that comes with going against the grain, the dynamic duo have worked tirelessly to stay true to their roots and play the kind of music that they grew up on and love so much. Turns out, they aren’t the only ones eating it up. There’s not a venue in town that isn’t licking their chops to have them back once they’ve played there, nor a soul left in the joint that isn’t a fan by the end of the show. Betsy, a self confessed preacher’s daughter with a wild streak, has been an old blues man trapped inside her dainty little frame. Don’t get it twisted though, this lil’ lady is no damsel in distress. Very few women her size carry around a voice the size of ‘ol rocky top. Betsy throws everything at you, including the kitchen sink from time to time, and leaves it all out there on the stage. Take it how you want to, but you best believe that you will feel something when she’s done. However, Betsy isn’t the only reason to have your eyes and ears front and center. Her companion in crime, Lang Hollowman is one of the most phenomenal guitarists along the Gulf Coast. His remarkable playing is just the thing to compliment the howling vocals of the red haired dame. Not only that, but Jeff Glickman, a true blues legend around these parts has put down his guitar and picked up the sticks to lay down the back beat. That’s three of the regions best of the best in one place at one time, all for the price of one! And you still get to see David Allan Coe after that! Now if that ain’t country, …..well,… know the rest.

You had better believe that this one is going to be a throw down. Come one and all to witness the old guard and the new guard making sweet music together. Whether you’re an old fan, or a pair of fresh ears looking to please your musical pallet, we invite you to come along for “The Ride”.

What: David Allan Coe w/ Special Guests Hollowman/Badwater Featuring Jeff Glickman
Where: Vinyl Music Hall 2 S. Palafox Place – Pensacola, FL
When: 9pm (Doors @7:30) Thursday, January 6th, 2011
Cost: $20-$25