Pensacola, Florida
Monday July 22nd 2019


Winners & Losers 6/21/18

Alex Hill
The Army combat veteran, age 26, was awarded the Governor’s Young Entrepreneur Award on June 13 during a meeting of the Florida Cabinet. The Pensacola native and University of West Florida student started his company, Florida Coconuts, when he returned from his service in Afghanistan and Africa. At the Cabinet meeting, Gov. Rick Scott said, “Young entrepreneurs like Alex have helped propel our economy with more than 1.5 million jobs created since December 2010.”

Frank Patti, Jr.
The University of West Florida recently received a new dive platform from Frank Patti, Jr. of Patti Marine Enterprises. The Division of Anthropology and Archaeology, within the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, will use the new platform for staging archaeological and other scientific research. Students, faculty and staff utilize the dive platform for investigating shipwrecks in Pensacola Bay.

Bud Day
Medal of Honor recipient Col. George “Bud” Day was posthumously advanced to the rank of brigadier general during a Heritage to Horizons summer concert series at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Va. During his military service, he served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Day earned 70 decorations, to include the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Air Force Cross. The posthumous advancement of Day was introduced by Sen. John McCain and directed by the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.

Child Detention Camps
Illegally entering the U.S. is a misdemeanor federal offense, punishable by up to six months in prison. In the past, those apprehended weren’t prosecuted but were put into immigration proceedings and deported, unless they met the threshold to pursue an asylum claim. The Trump administration has chosen to prosecute the adults and separate children from them. Over the weekend, U.S. officials released images showing conditions inside an old warehouse in Texas, where hundreds of immigrant children were held in metal cages, with many using large foil sheets as blankets. Over 2,000 children are being held in detention camps. Explain to us again how the Bible says this is okay, Mr. Sessions.

Bayview Park
The mayor’s office blew it. Instead of being open with the public about why he wanted an $8.25 million community center, Mayor Ashton Hayward and his staff acted like the $2.2 million increase over the original budget was solely due to rising construction costs. Sadly, there is no paper trail to show what really happened, and the explanations given make little sense. Mayor, it’s okay that you wanted a boathouse, but you should have shared your vision before the taxpayers paid to have it designed. Over $700,000 have been spent, and the neighborhood will have to wait for the next mayor to restart the process, according to your staff.