Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 19th 2018


Winners & Losers 1/6/11

Seven questions are on everyone’s mind for 2011, and our Magic 8 Ball has yet to come through with definite answers.

WHEN DOES DAY ONE START FOR THE ASHTON HAYWARD ADMINISTRATION? During the public forums, candidate Ashton Hayward made bold statements about the issues he would deal with “from Day One”–issues such as the pension, west side plan, minority inclusion and job creation. Will Day One start on Jan. 10?

WILL MARITIME PARK DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS STILL BE A PART OF THE MARITIME PARK AT THE END OF 2011? Community Maritime Park Associates attorney Ed Fleming is expected to make his final report on MPDP, Land Capital Group and its pitchman Scott Davison. City staff will try to discourage any thorny legal decisions by the CMPA board. To date, MPDP has been long on talk, quick to spend the CMPA funds budgeted for “soft costs” and short on delivering any tenants for the private section of the development.

WHO WILL BE THE FIRST PENSACOLA CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT? It doesn’t appear John Jerralds has enough votes to win the presidency, which means he and fellow African-American councilman Ronald Townsend control who will be elected–Sam Hall or Maren DeWeese. Jerralds and Townsend opposed DeWeese’s Pensacola Promise, which would have paid college tuition for the high school graduates in their districts. They supported Wiggins for mayor. DeWeese supported Hayward. Heck, they flat out just don’t like this newbie who hasn’t followed their rules. Besides, the money boys are more comfortable with Hall, and Jerralds and Townsend don’t ever vote against them.

TO WHOM WILL MALCOLM THOMAS SELL BROWNSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL? The Superintendent has said he has a buyer. He has demanded $1 million for the closed school building. The pressure is on for him to do something with this albatross. Let’s see what kind of concessions, if any, he gives to his new buyer. Surely the negotiations will be smoother.

WHEN WILL ESCAMBIA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE MAKE AN ARREST ON RECENT HOMICIDES? The talk in the African-American community is when will the ECSO make arrests in the recent string of murders in their neighborhoods. Sheriff David Morgan still has a strong base, but the lack of visible movement on these cases has some wondering if the investigators are giving the murders the same attention as cases in the white neighborhoods.

IS THE BP OIL DISASTER REALLY OVER? While some officials say the tar balls are gone from our beaches, locals are finding tar balls everywhere, especially after storms. Not every business is getting their BP claim, either.

WILL DOWNTOWN PENSACOLA GET AN AQUARIUM? The Emerald Coast Utility Authority is set to award bids for demolishing the old downtown sewage treatment plant. The City of Pensacola is interested in how that site will be redeveloped so that it will complement the maritime park and expand downtown. A group of citizens want to keep some of the tanks for an aquarium. It’s the perfect storm.