Pensacola, Florida
Friday July 19th 2019


Winners & Losers 2/21/19

Sunday’s Child
The nonprofit, which is focused on promoting acceptance and contributions of the LGBTQ community, has announced it will give away $106,000 in grants this year. The record fundraising amount was raised by 186 members that contributed to and joined Sunday’s Child in 2018. After a thorough grant application process this spring, the grant dollars will be awarded to four local Pensacola Bay area nonprofit organizations that demonstrate their value on diversity, inclusion and equality.

Mike Suchcicki
Jazz Pensacola’s Board of Directors selected art created by the cartoonist and graphic designer for the 2019 Pensacola JazzFest poster and marketing materials. Pensacola’s Bridge is the central image in Suchcicki’s design. The scene also depicts a sports car speeding toward the viewer, driven by local drummer and Jazz Pensacola president Fred Domulot. The 36th Annual Pensacola JazzFest will take place April 6-7 in Seville Square.

Ron DeSantis
On the eve of the anniversary of Florida’s deadliest school shooting, Gov. Ron DeSantis asked the Florida Supreme Court to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate whether school districts are complying with mandatory safety measures designed to protect students. The governor asked the statewide grand jury to explore “whether refusal or failure to follow the mandates of school-related safety laws … results in unnecessary and avoidable risk to students across the state.” He also requested information on whether school superintendents committed, and continue to commit, fraud and deceit by accepting state money conditioned on implementation of certain safety measures.

Eglin AFB
Trump will pay for his border wall in part by taking $3.6 billion from military projects. Florida bases could lose up to $177 million for planned construction, according to a list of eligible projects compiled by the House Appropriations Committee. On the list are $63 million for an F-35A training center and student dormitory at Eglin Air Force Base in Okaloosa County, which is in Rep. Matt Gaetz’s district. When Trump’s declaration of a national emergency was announced, Gaetz said, “I’m proud to support him in this decision.”

Jose Oliva
According to the latest studies, an estimated 2.6 million Floridians have no health insurance, one of the highest totals in the nation. Florida House Speaker Oliva thinks deregulation will make the difference—eliminating certificates of need for new hospitals and other medical facilities, lifting scope-of-practice rules and easing restrictions on ambulatory surgical centers. We’ve heard this before, nearly every year since Obamacare was enacted. Meanwhile, Floridians are suffering.

Darryl Rouson
The Democratic Florida senator got $1 million in the state budget for Mt. Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church and its nonprofit, Mt. Zion Human Services. Rouson didn’t disclose that his wife held positions in both organizations. State lawmakers can vote on matters in which they have a financial stake as long as they disclose it up to 15 days after the vote is cast. Rouson said no disclosure was needed because his wife didn’t stand to benefit. It still stinks.