Pensacola, Florida
Sunday June 16th 2019


Record Store Day 2019

Here at Inweekly, Record Store Day (RSD) ranks pretty high on our list of favorite holidays. Most of us have been getting up early, standing in line and geeking out every April for as long as we can remember.

But if you’re still a newcomer to the RSD party, here’s a quick rundown on how it all works.

For starters, there’s the date. RSD is always celebrated in April. This years’ event (which is the 12th annual if you’re curious) will take place worldwide on Saturday, April 13.

Then there’s “the list.” Since it began in 2007, RSD has worked with artists and labels to offer special and limited-edition releases, mostly on vinyl. The details about those releases are published in an official list a few weeks in advance. Those releases are what RSD is all about.

RSD only happens at participating independent record stores—meaning “standalone brick and mortar retailers” that deal primarily in music and not chain stores like Target. Pensacola has two stores that participate annually in RSD—Revolver Records and Music Box.

Some of the releases are extremely limited, while others are a little easier to come by. But no matter what, it’s still a toss-up because the stores aren’t guaranteed anything they order. For some, this is annoying, but for most RSD fans, this is what makes it fun.

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