Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday November 20th 2018


A Band of Another Colour

Colour Revolt Returns to Pensacola for a Show at the Handlebar
By Hana Frenette

Apparently, Pensacola is infamous for hosting memorable and occasionally unmentionable shows. Some, even too good to discuss.

Many bands have described their Pensacola shows in a nostalgic sort of way, citing unexpected support or overt appreciation.

When Colour Revolt was asked if they had any memories of their previous shows here, lead singer Jesse Coppenbarger responded with, “Oh yeah, most have to do with Johnny Apple Eyes and that crew. None I can repeat though. “

Coppenbarger added, “You just have to experience the madness.”

Colour Revolt, originally from Oxford, Mississippi, has toured across the country several times, opening for acts such as Dinosaur Jr., Manchester Orchestra, Explosions in the Sky, Brand New, Black Lips, and Menomena.

About three years ago, Colour Revolt made Sluggo’s, the Handlebar, and several hole in the wall coffee shops in Fort Walton into regular stops while they were touring with Manchester Orchestra.

They’ve had several line-up changes since their last panhandle show, and their music has moved toward a different version of itself.

“We’ve been touring since August with this setup and I think we’re the best we’ve ever been,” Coppenbarger said.

Colour Revolt was dropped from Fat Possum Records after losing a guitarist, bassist, and a drummer. All have since been replaced, allowing the band to lend itself to a slightly different sound, which is to be expected with three new band members.

“I think it was moved by itself more than anything,” Coppenbarger said, referring to the change in the music.

Colour Revolt released their second album, The Cradle, on August 10, 2010,under their new label, Dualtone Records.

The Cradle still contains the deeply effected lyrics and melodies that one might expect from Colour Revolt; but it also has something more. The album seems like a much more mature record when compared to the self-titled ep released over five years ago. The quality is better, and the logistics more complex.

Since the release of their The Cradle, Colour Revolt has continued touring, recorded a Daytrotter session, recorded live at Paste, and publicly announced that they are here to stay, despite the recent game of band member musical chairs.

Coppenbarger told Paste in an interview in September that, “Colour Revolt is going to keep making records.”

They’ve managed to carry on for eight years, charming all the little places they come in contact with, making music people want to hear. Why would they stop now?

In addition to their show at the Handlebar on the 21st, Colour Revolt’s next few tour dates are set in the south, a place the Mississippi natives seem to like.

“Shows in the south always seem to have their own je ne sais quoi,” Coppenbarger said. Although “Je ne sais quoi” literally translates to, “ I don’t know what,” it denotes an illusive and attractive idea. Maybe that’s why people keep coming back.

Colour Revolt, Johnny Apple Eyes, and Pioneers! O Pioneers!
WHEN: 10:00 p.m., Jan. 21
WHERE: The Handlebar, 319 N. Tarragona St.
COST:  $10