Pensacola, Florida
Friday July 19th 2019


Hangout Fest ’19: Let’s Hangout

Why I’m braving millennials, sand in my crack and overpriced beer to see The Lumineers
By Edwin Banacia

Jim Gaffigan has a line in one of his family-friendly comedies about waiting for hours with his kids at Disneyworld for the Dumbo ride. He gets to the front of the line and there’s just a mirror. He comes to realize the point of the ride—“You’re the Dumbo, Dumbo.”

That’s how I feel about Hangout Fest.

Look, I’m not a hater. I love music. In fact, I’ve worked in the music industry my entire life (and that’s a long life, trust me). There’s just something about music festivals under the hot sun with lots of traffic that makes me say, “Coachella on the beach? How about Couchella in the AC instead?”

But here’s why I’m going this year and why you should as well. It’s pretty simple actually, just two words—The Lumineers.

Who doesn’t love a band who has the courage to tell their own fans to put their “fu$%ing phones down and live in the moment?” But their real brilliance is in their feel-good simplicity, which allows room to downright love their lyrics, like this gem—“And I made her laugh, I made a pass / I showed her my half-dollar ring / She said, ‘That’s pretty cool but classy girls don’t kiss in bars, you fool’”—from “Classy Girls.”

And who can forget about the hits? The Lumineers have had some monsters. “Ho Hey,” “Stubborn Love” and the haunting “Ophelia.” There are literally no skips on any of their albums.

Even beyond my beloved Lum Lums (hat tip Phoebe Robinson for that adorable nickname), Hangout Fest really does bring it. I mean, where else can you wear that fake mustache and monocle? Or fanny pack and look cool? Do you have friends who aren’t going? Well then, you have to make sure to get a ton of Instagram content so you can remind them that you’re cooler than them. That alone will be worth the price of admission.

So yeah, music festivals are a lot, especially when you’re over 30. You’ll plan to make a detailed schedule to see all your favorite artists, but you’ll only see a fraction of them because you end up wasting most of your time waiting in line for a drink. There will be a crazy after-party, but you’ll fall asleep on the shuttle, dehydrated and sunburnt. But that’s half the fun. It’s called living. And if you’re not living, baby, you’re dying. So get your ass to Hangout Fest and live, OK? And make sure you look for me—I’ll be the guy who’s living his best life Sunday night with The Lumineers.

The Lumineers
9:35-11 p.m.
Hangout Stage