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News of the Weird 7/11/19

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel

Bright Idea Arby’s has turned the trend toward plant-based “burgers” on its head with the new Marrot: a carrot made out of meat. Vice reported that Arby’s has definitively rejected the plant-based meats movement. “(W)hat Americans really want … is great, tasty meat,” said Jim Taylor, Arby’s chief marketing officer. “So we said if others can make meat out of vegetables, why can’t we make vegetables out of meat?” The Marrot is made by rolling raw ground turkey breast into a carrot shape, cooking it sous-vide for an hour, covering it with a special “carrot marinade,” and then oven-roasting it for another hour. Bon appetit!

The Litigious Society Tommy Martin, 58, of Mount Holly, North Carolina, hopes to see Hardee’s in federal court after a “humiliating” incident at a Belmont store in which Martin was given just two Hash Rounds on his breakfast plate, rather than the half-dozen or so depicted on the company’s website. Martin, who is black, told The News and Observer that he felt like he was in a scene from the segregated 1960s when he asked for more. “The manager came back and said that what you get. Got home with tear in mine eye,” Martin said in the handwritten lawsuit filed June 24 in U.S. District Court in Charlotte. The cashier was prepared to give him more Hash Rounds, Martin said, but the manager, who is white, stepped in and gave him a refund instead.

Cultural Diversity A cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, is encouraging customers to “experience the death awareness” and reflect more on their lives by inviting patrons to get into a coffin and spend some time with the lid closed after finishing their coffee. Death Awareness Cafe owner Veeranut Rojanaprapa told United Press International that the practice encourages people not to be driven by greed. “When the lid of the coffin closes…they will realize that eventually they cannot take anything with them.” (Hope there are air holes.)

Government in Action Health Canada has issued a seemingly obvious warning to consumers of Venus Simply3 razors: They pose a potential cutting hazard. CTV News reported that the four-packs, sold at Walmart, have been recalled because “the blades…can become misaligned … and pose a higher risk of cuts during use.” No one in Canada has reported being cut.

Technotot Two-year-old Rayna McNeil of San Diego is an early adopter of online shopping. In late June, as Rayna played with her mom’s mobile phone, she managed to purchase a $430 couch from Amazon. Mom Isabella McNeil told KNSD she had been scrolling through some couches on her phone before handing it off to Rayna, but she didn’t realize the toddler had made the purchase until a few days later, when she got a “Your couch has shipped” alert. “I didn’t remember ordering a couch,” she said. It was too late to cancel the order, so McNeil plans to resell the item locally. “Lesson learned,” McNeil said. She will make sure apps are closed in the future.

The Classic Headline Police officers in Manchester, New Hampshire, were called to a local hotel on June 28 after Matthew Williams, 35, of Nashua was reported to be behaving “erratically”—shouting, throwing things and “acting aggressive,” according to Fox News. Officers called in a K9 unit, and when the dog entered the hotel room, Williams allegedly “wrapped his arms around the dog and struggled with him,” eventually growling and biting the dog on the top of the head, police said. Williams was charged with resisting arrest, simple assault and willful interference with police dogs; authorities said the dog was not harmed.

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