Pensacola, Florida
Saturday August 24th 2019


The Pet Issue ’19: Reader Pet Photos

Ask and you shall receive.

This old adage might not apply to everything, but it certainly does for our annual Pet Issue.

Every year, we ask you guys to send us photos of your pets, and every year, you deliver.

For this, our eighth installment, we got cute kittens, cute bulldogs and even one super cute rabbit.

Of course, we can’t print every photo we get—we have limited space and image quality standards. So if you sent in a pet and don’t see it, it’s probably because something was a little off with the photo (too small, too dark, too blurry…). If your pet didn’t make the cut, please try again next year—with a different photo, of course.

Thank you for making The Pet Issue special, year after year. We promise to keep publishing submissions as long as you keep sending them, deal?