Pensacola, Florida
Saturday August 24th 2019


The Pet Issue ’19

Our decision to make the first Pet Issue was a pretty selfish one. We just wanted an excuse to publish photos of our animals and write about fun stuff like kitten yoga.

But we had a feeling we weren’t the only obsessed pet owners out there. We were right.

Not only does The Pet Issue garner tons of “likes” and page views every year, but it also receives more reader submissions than pretty much anything we do besides Best of the Coast. And selecting the cover models has become our favorite July tradition around the office.

For this year’s, we decided to feature a dog/owner duo who are connected in the most permanent and adorable way—a tattoo. Seriously, the only thing cuter than Molly Rockwell’s smiley arm art, by local artist Sehoya Thu-Dao of Three Fates Tattoo, is little Moose himself. He was an excellent model too—he didn’t bark or require treats on set, which was a first for us.

Editorially, we’ve got some good stuff this time around, including an interview with a professional kitten rescuer and a profile on a certified therapy cat. So back by popular demand, here’s the eighth annual Inweekly Pet Issue. We hope you have as much fun reading it as we did making it.

Adorable Activism
Bringing ‘A Hope’ to Animals
A Feel-Good Feline
Reader Pet Photos
Senior Superlatives
How I Became a Dog Nanny
Namaste At A Zoo
My (Fury) Fitness Pal
Pet Plans
Don’t Shop, Adopt
Park It