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News of the Weird 8/22/19

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel

Thank You, I Think? The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported on Aug. 11 that in the overnight hours, more than 50 old-style television sets had been deposited on the front porches of homes in Henrico County, Virginia. Henrico Police Lt. Matt Pecka said the culprits were caught on several doorbell cameras, with one of the videos showing a person wearing TV-shaped headgear while dropping off the TV. Even more puzzling, a similar phenomenon happened last year in nearby Glen Allen, where 20 sets were left on porches. Pecka said the only crime that might have been committed is illegal dumping: “We don’t believe there’s any reason for the community to be alarmed.”

Bright Idea A Twitter user known only as “Dorothy,” 15, was banned from her phone by her mom in early August after becoming distracted while cooking and starting a fire, but that didn’t stop her, reported The Guardian. First she tweeted from a Nintendo 3DS gaming device, but Mom caught on quickly and posted that the account would be shut down. The next day, Dorothy tweeted from her Wii U, assuring followers that while Mom was at work, she’d be looking for her phone. Finally, on Aug. 8, with no other options left, Dorothy reached out to Twitter from an unlikely source: her family’s LG smart refrigerator. “I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again,” she posted. The post went viral, even prompting LG to tweet about it with the hashtag #FreeDorothy.

Government in Action What a relief! The U.S. Department of Transportation announced on Aug. 8 that miniature horses are cleared to fly in all cabins of commercial planes as emotional support and service animals. The agency called “dogs, cats and miniature horses” the “most commonly recognized service animals,” Fox News reported. However, other organizations, including the Association of Flight Attendants, have urged a tightening of rules about the animals because of “rampant abuse” of service animal designations. Apparently, the DOT said “neiiiighhhh” to that.

The Devil Is in the Details Was there or was there not a clown? And what exactly is “fancy dress”? In the early hours of July 26, The Guardian reported, a “mass brawl” broke out in a buffet area of the P&O cruise ship Britannia, which was bound from Bergen, Norway, to Southampton, England. Witnesses told staff that the fight started when one passenger became angry that another was wearing a clown outfit, because they had specifically booked a cruise with no fancy dress. Another witness said the clown had crashed a black-tie party. But P&O later said in a statement there was no clown, and Hampshire police confirmed: “There is no information to suggest that a clown or anyone wearing fancy dress was involved in this incident.” A number of passengers were injured in the brawl by flying furniture and plates, and two passengers were arrested, then later released.

True Love For 68 years, Francis and Rosemary Klontz of Sacramento, California, have not just shared the ups and downs of marriage and family. They’ve cemented their bond by coordinating their outfits—every day!—for almost seven decades. Francis lets his wife pick out his clothes each morning: “She just lays it out for me, and I don’t have to worry about a thing!” he told KOVR TV. The couple also sing together, performing at church, hospitals and around the house. They started dating in junior high school in Auburn, Washington, and the dressing alike custom started when Rosemary’s mother bought them matching shirts. “We’ve been matching ever since,” Rosemary said.

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