Pensacola, Florida
Thursday June 21st 2018


Winners & Losers 1/27/11

Local attorney Bob Kerrigan will be presented with this year’s Tobias Simon Pro Bono Service Award, the highest statewide pro bono award. The award commemorates the late Miami civil rights lawyer Tobias Simon, who was well-known throughout Florida and beyond as a tireless civil rights attorney, a crusader for prison reform and an appellate authority. The award is intended to encourage and recognize extraordinary contributions by Florida lawyers in making legal services available to persons who otherwise could not afford them, and to focus public awareness on the substantial voluntary services rendered by Florida lawyers in this area.

The School District will receive $8,373,647 in Race to the Top funds. In August 2010, Florida won $700 million in funding through the federal Race to the Top competition. Half of the funds will be distributed to approved school districts to carry out locally developed education reform plans. The total number of districts receiving full approval of their Race to the Top grants is 35, with the combined amount of funding awarded now at more than $142 million.

COMMUNITY MARITIME PARK ASSOCIATES After years of having MPDP officials and some its subcontractors take shots at the board chairman, University of West Florida, city staff and others, the organization filed suit against Maritime Park Development Partners. The CMPA has finally had enough of developer Scott Davison’s antics.

The organizer of the Aquarium for Pensacola effort was dealt a huge blow when Congressman Jeff Miller, Commissioner Marie Young, State Rep. Matt Gaetz and others came forward to say that they had not agreed to find funds for the aquarium, which Bill Young wanted to build using the old tanks of the Main Street Sewage Plant. He couldn’t provide proof of his 70,000 petition signatures either. While his intentions may have been pure, these misrepresentations will be the undoing of this proposed project.

DONALD MOORE The owner of AES has been a heavy contributor to political campaigns, most notably Commissioners Kevin White and Wilson Robertson and ex-Sheriff Ron McNesby. He has wined and dined several elected officials and county department heads at his hunting camp in Santa Rosa County. None of this has helped him battle the bounced payroll checks from this payroll processing company. Both the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney are investigating him.

MALCOLM THOMAS People are scratching their heads over the superintendent’s proposed sale of Brownsville Middle School to Diversity Program Advisors (DPA) for $1 million. DPA did not have the $1 million in the bank when it signed the contract and didn’t have a line of credit for it either. Supposedly Habitat for Humanity will buy part of it. Why didn’t Superintendent Thomas sell the property directly to that non-profit?