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News Of The Weird 

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel

Ewwww! A Whataburger location in Bastrop, Texas, was the scene of a gruesome plunge to an oily demise on Aug. 31. As customers waited in line at the counter, the Austin American-Statesman reported, kitchen workers tried to catch a mouse scampering across the food prep counter. A customer captured the scene on video as the mouse, fleeing a person trying to trap it, leapt into a fryer full of hot grease. On the video, an employee can be heard asking, “Who else needs a refund?” The video was posted to Facebook, prompting Whataburger to comment that the location had been closed and “the entire restaurant has since been cleaned and sanitized.”

Mysterious Police in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, say an unnamed 80-year-old woman snoozed right through an apparent carjacking on Aug. 28—even though she was in the car. The victim told police she had fallen asleep in her car, parked in her driveway, around 9 p.m. that evening. She called police around 4 a.m. to say she woke up on the driveway and her car was gone, but she had no recollection of how she got there, the New York Daily News reported. Police observed a fresh abrasion and bruise on her face. The car was recovered later that day in Trenton, but the search is still on for suspects.

Bright Ideas In the Mexican state of Tlaxcala, high school instructor Luis Juarez Texis inflamed the ire of parents when he made students wear cardboard boxes (with cut-out eye holes) on their heads as they took an exam in order to deter cheating. Parents are calling for Texis’ removal, OddityCentral reported, saying the boxes amounted to “acts of humiliation, physical, emotional and psychological violence.” Others, however, applauded Texis’ idea, with one saying the boxes “teach them a great lesson.” Texis told reporters the students consented to the anti-cheating method.

•A graffiti artist in Frankston, Australia, has been painting the Melbourne suburb purple with a message to someone named Chris, saying “u need 2 talk 2 me B4 baby is born, or don’t bother after,” according to a July 30 report from the Australian Broadcasting Corp. The messages have appeared on several public spaces, such as sidewalks and the sides of buildings. Frankston Mayor Michael O’Reilly said the city council “would encourage those involved to consider more constructive, and less illegal ways of communicating in the future. … I hope Chris and this mystery person can work through their issues.”

Inexplicable Uber driver Yasser Hadi of Atlanta was going about his business, dropping off a fare on Aug. 25, when a woman “came out of nowhere, threatened to kill him, and then violently bit him,” Fox5 News reported. Hadi told the station: “She’s acting weird, she’s acting wild, and she’s on the car hitting it, telling me I need to die….” Next the woman climbed inside the car, and scratched and bit Hadi as he tried to pull her out. “I said, ‘God, just let her take my flesh, I don’t care.’ I want her to go away from me,” Hadi said. Later, Atlanta police arrested 26-year-old Tasheena Campbell, who already had a warrant for an assault charge, for battery and criminal trespass. But Hadi is left with a damaged car, medical expenses and no insurance. “She’s hit me in my job, my health and my financial pocket money. It’s hard,” he explained.

News You Can Use In Jacksonville, Florida, as Hurricane Dorian approached on Sept. 3, Patrick Eldridge became concerned that his Smart car would “blow away.” So he proposed to his wife, Jessica, that he park it in their kitchen. (Her car was already in the garage.) She doubted he could do it, but “he opened the double doors and had it in. I was amazed that it could fit,” Jessica told the Associated Press. She said there was still room to move around and cook, but “my dogs are confused by it.” Dorian narrowly missed Jacksonville as it moved up the East Coast.

Irony The former Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club in Trenton, Wisconsin, has found an unlikely new life as the Ozaukee Christian School, opening on Sept. 16, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Kris Austin, the school’s administrator, said the stripper pole had been removed, along with the leopard-print carpet, but the stage and bar are still there, and the building is still owned by the Spearmint Rhino chain, based in California. It’s an arrangement school leaders have had to come to terms with. “Our take on it is that people are people,” said school board president David Swartz. “We’re sinners, too. Even though we don’t agree with their business model per se. … Now we’re going to transfer that place into a place where boys and girls are raised to be our next leaders with character.”

Crime Report Izaebela Kolano, 49, of Nutley, New Jersey, pulled a fast one on Costco employees in two stores on Sept. 1, police said. Kolano first visited a Costco in Wayne, New Jersey, where she allegedly stole a $2,000 diamond ring. Then, authorities say, she went to a store in nearby Clifton, where she asked to see a $28,000 diamond ring—and handed back the $2,000 ring, which was similar. Costco employees didn’t notice the switcharoo until Kolano was out of the building, the Associated Press reported. Police found Kolano at home, and eventually recovered the ring. Kolano was charged with theft. {in}

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