Pensacola, Florida
Thursday October 17th 2019


Best of the Coast 2019

By Joani Delezen

Every summer you vote. And we count. And, in some extremely close categories, we recount. And then before you know it, it’s the first week of October and it’s finally time to reveal the Best of the Coast.

This time around, over 25,000 votes were cast. 25,000—that’s a whole lot of love and appreciation for the locally-owned spots that make Pensacola special. We are seriously impressed by some of your winners this time around—you guys really know this town.

If you’re reading this issue IRL, you’ve probably noticed it’s about four times the size of a regular Inweekly. Of course, we’re only able to host the voting and afford the print bill on such a big issue because of ad dollars. So to each and every business that said “yes” to advertising, thank you.

You’ve also probably already noticed that this issue features some very special models. We are beyond honored to have not one but four amazing drag queens help us announce this year’s winners—Monica Heart, Lauren Mitchell, Madame Hex and Terrah Card.

And these drag queens aren’t just any drag queens. They are the fierce four who placed in our first-ever Best Drag Queen category.

We have no idea why it took us this long to add that category to the ballot—because everyone loves drag queens, especially us. But we’re making up for being late to the party by going all out with the biggest photo spread we’ve ever done. We partnered with the ultra-talented Natalie Allgyer for the project, and we think her photos here more than prove why she’s a Best of the Coast 2019 winner too.

But even this super big, super special, issue isn’t enough. There’s more next week. So make sure you tune in for Rest of the Best—where we celebrate the runners up. We’ll also help you get to know our fantastic models a little more with a special editorial feature.

Complete Winners List

—Featured Winners—
Community, Media & Music
Health & Wellness
Bars, Drinks & Nightlife
Restaurants & Food

—Photo Credits—
Models: Monica Heart @hearts2monica
Lauren Mitchell  @divalaurenpcola
Madame Hex  @madame_hex
Terrah Card  @terrahcard

Photographer: Natalie Allgyer @nallgyer
Creative + Art Director:  Joani Delezen