Pensacola, Florida
Thursday October 17th 2019


Rest of the Best 2019

By Joani Delezen

Last week, we printed 88 pages—which is actually the maximum page count our printers can do—but it wasn’t enough. So we’re back with Rest of the Best 2019.

In this issue, we’re celebrating the runners up and giving them their own moment in the spotlight. We’re also re-running the complete 2019 winners list, in case you missed something or just need to read it again. It is a lot to take in, after all.

As promised, this issue also has a special editorial feature showcasing all four of our amazing drag queen models. We hope you enjoy getting to know them and their stories as much as we did.

Complete Winners List
All Hail The Queens
Featured Winners

—Photo Credits—
Models: Monica Heart @hearts2monica
Lauren Mitchell  @divalaurenpcola
Madame Hex  @madame_hex
Terrah Card  @terrahcard

Photographer: Natalie Allgyer @nallgyer
Creative + Art Director:  Joani Delezen